I Know I Knew: Journey of Creation – Day 23

Copyright Tam Black 2017
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

We choose only to create with Perfect Love. Since Perfect Love is all we Are, and all there is; we accept Perfect Love as the only Source for all our creations. We project Perfect Love outward, shining with inner radiance.


Some days I feel like I struggle with time and with relative reality. (“Relative reality” means this fleeting embodiment, and is juxtaposed with “absolute reality”, which is Perfect Love–all we Are.)

Some days, I feel like I should be able to just shift into the mindset of Knowing; I should be able to be totally aware and conscious of myself as Love, as All that is.

Some days, I feel frustrated because I can’t quite get to it. It’s right here, I Know I Know it, but it feels more like I Knew it, rather than I Know it. I can remember that I Knew it, but it feels like a memory of long ago that has no substance just now. It’s like my memory of my first kiss, I know it happened, I can picture it, but I have no feeling about it, and feel completely detached from the memory as being any formative or relevant event.

Some days I feel that if I could just remember what I Knew…

If I could just embody what I know to be True…

The difference is like between understanding the mechanics of using wind to fill a sail and power a boat, and being able to actually turn the sail the correct way so that it catches and goes the right direction (It’s not so easy!).

It’s the difference between having to think through every step, and being so familiar with the process that your body moves of its own accord, and just does what you know you want it to do.

This morning I was this close to remembering what I Know I Knew.

I’ve been working with bringing the idea of Oneness into my being–so that I Know Oneness so well that I don’t have to think about what it is, or why it matters; I just Know it.

One of the phrases I’ve been using over the past several months is, “I am One with…” (fill in the blank).

This morning, I realized that even that phrase implies not being One with: If I am One with something, then, there is something else besides me, which I need to recognize Oneness with. But, if I am ONE, there is no something else, so I need not say “One with“.

So the phrase should really just be, “I AM ONE”. By saying that, by being That, nothing else need be said or thought; everything just is One.

And what I Know that I Knew is that I have felt that. I have felt I AM ONE, without having to think about the mechanics of it, what it means, or how it works. I was this close to it.

We are One. We are Perfect Love. The goal is to not think about it, to Know it so clearly and certainly that we are in this moment One, Love, All.


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