Love Regurgitated: Journey of Creation – Day 24

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

In Perfect Love there is no lack, only complete abundance. Perfect Love is Perfect Fulfillment. When we are aware of our Oneness with Perfect Love, we have everything; we are everything. With a mind fully aware of its own Fullness in Perfect Love, we have perfect faith in our creations, as they are of the same mind as Perfect Love.


I am One I am One.

If you keep going, it ends up looping into itself:
Such that I AM ONE, could as easily be ONE I AM.

Same with this:

I am Love.

I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am.

I know the Guiding Thoughts can be overwhelming. There is a lot going on each day with each Guiding Thought, and the brain can get tired…so tired that it does not want to do more than recite the words mechanically. I know. I do it too, sometimes.

But as much as I can, I get into the words –and I dig deeper and deeper, as best I can. I think further and further into what the words mean; I do my best to embody what I visualize, what I feel in the words.

If all you can do is think about the meaning of I AM ONE, or I AM LOVE…if all you can do is embody how you visualize one or both of those 3-word sentences…do it.

These 3-word sentences will lead you further into their overall meaning.

Because if you can feel yourself embodying being Love, then you will Know yourself as Perfect Love.

And when you Know yourself as Love’s Perfection, you will also Know that Love is all you need. Literally.

In Love, there is no lack, only complete abundance and perfect fulfillment.

And when we Know ourselves as Love, we completely understand the concept of Oneness. If Love is all there is, then there is only the Oneness of Love.

I want you to feel this, to go into it, to get one more layer down, into that part of you that really does Know, that part of you that understands exactly what I am saying, and can feel its Truth. I know this can be redundant, but feel it. Say it to yourself over and over, asking the words to reveal their Truth to you. I am One. I am Love.

With Perfect Love, we have everything; we are everything. Everything surrounding us, everything within us is this Perfect Love. Everything.

When the mind can exist in this state, in this Knowing, everything is our ally. Everything we encounter is One with us; all we do is exist in Love, recycling Love in the Oneness of Itself.


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