Thank you: Journey of Creation – Day 27

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

We use our free will joyfully to create the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect. This is appropriate use of our mind and will, and directly in-line with Perfect Love. As we experience our Holy creations in our lives, we strengthen our conviction to Truth, and to our ability to co-create with our Divine Self.


Today feels so different from yesterday. I was a mess yesterday as far as trying to figure out what the Guiding Thought was saying and what it was saying to me.

I just had an insight on that: yesterday, despite this being the “We” Round, despite all my talk recently about Oneness, I felt like I was alone, that I was trying to figure it out all alone.

I had this insight because today when reading the Guiding Thought, I felt like we’re all in this together! Everyone is supporting my Journey, just as I am supporting theirs. It felt like such a contrast to yesterday.

This realization came from the very first line We use our free will joyfully to create the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect! Doesn’t that sound amazing? And encouraging? And supportive? We do it! together! 

I feel so relieved and lifted.

I also feel encouraged. You see, during this metaphysical Journey of Creation, I have also been going through a very physical journey of creation.

I talk a lot about consciously embodying Spirit, or Divine Will; allowing the Divine to express through me, as me. This co-creating, or allowing Divine expression is both physical and metaphysical. The mind directs the body. Only when the mind contains thoughts of Divine Love will the body respond with corresponding actions.

These Journeys prepare the mind, but then I must take physical action in order for those thoughts to be expressed. And that’s what I’ve been working on: the physical actions.

Since the very beginning of this Journey, I have been manipulating things physically in new ways: my diet, my appearance, my exercise, my time management, and my income streams.

I have a very fine-tuned understanding of how to create  the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect when it comes to the tiny circle that surrounds my body. I understand what to do and how to do it to impact this body positively.

It’s when I want to expand it beyond the circumference of my body that my strength wanes: I get very impatient. I  want to see results now. I don’t know if what I am doing is productive or not. I question myself. I wonder if I am doing the right things and managing my time and money appropriately to create  the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect.

I am learning to expand my circumference. I am learning patience. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to a better understanding of how all this creation-stuff works. Thank goodness. But I recognize I have a long way to go.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing this Journey with me. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I look forward to sharing the fruits of my labor with you when I reap the rewards. Blessings be upon you!

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