Stop Thinking! Create!: Journey of Creation – Day 33

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

I choose only to create with Perfect Love. Since Perfect Love is all I AM, and all there is, I accept Perfect Love as the only Source for all my creations. I project Perfect Love outward, shining with inner radiance.


Do you think about who you want to be? Do you dream of what you want, what you want to create, or what you want to attract into your life?

I have, and I do.

What I realized today is when I do this, I am projecting an idea into the future; I am projecting my idea of a “better” future into the future. That means I am not being aware of the Love I AM now, because if I were, there would be no reason to  think of a “better” future.

Projection of anything other than Perfect Love simply leads to separation. The mind thinks something, projecting itself outward. Then, the mind encounters the creations it has made and believes in them, because it was the source of their existence.

The mind thinks it can create something better than there is now, so it projects its own ideal into the future. The mind thinks it is creating, because it can experience its own creations.

…but Love is Perfect now. Love does not need to create anything different than Itself, because it is already everything perfectly, right here, right now.

So…what is the mind actually doing? And, how do I create? 

The mind is doing nothing. It just thinks it is. (Isn’t that so like the mind?)

I create (as I understand it now), by doing nothing (which feels paradoxical). I create by not thinkingby (simply??) Knowing myself as Perfect Love, by being the Love I AM.

There is a part of me that feels like it totally understands this, and is totally on board. But there is another part that is saying, “But wait…there has to be a balance. The mind has to be involved somehow. How are you going to create, if you don’t think and plan about what you want to create?”

I’d like to point out that this objection comes from my mind. Of course it wants to validate its own self-importance.

And that objection and validation-seeking are how I know there are still parts of me that still believe in separation, that are not yet ready for Oneness. This type of objection from my mind indicates a conflict within my thinking process. If my mind Knew only Oneness, there would only be recognition of everything as Itself, no conflict, only harmony.

This is why I must teach my mind that it is not the Source of my creations. My mind is only capable of creating fragments of itself. Perfect Love as the only Source for all my creations, creates only Oneness…which is ultimately what “I” want.

So why would I need think about it?



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