Oh So With the Flow: Journey of Creation – Day 40

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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It’s the last day! I feel like celebrating! I feel more accomplished and successful after 40 days of this Journey than I have in a long time. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for sharing this Journey with me. Thank you for love, support, and encouragement. I feel it…and I do thank you, deeply. We walk together to the Light.

I’ll be doing one more post about Creation, as an assessment, with hindsight. That will come in the next week or so…then we move on to Journey of Freedom! Oh Joy!

The Light, the Light, the Light is everything!

Guiding Thought

There are no degrees of Love. Love is Whole, Full, and Perfect. Love in action is Creation; Love’s creations are Whole, Full, and Perfect. When I express Love, I am being creative in its Truest sense. Creativity is Love in action, and produces activities, relationships, and experiences which are Whole, Full, and Perfect.


I’ve mentioned several times over the course of this Journey the changes that I’ve been making, the different choices I’ve been making, the transformations that I am enacting in and for myself, many of which are physical, regarding my nutrition, appearance, and work.

The work I’ve been doing has been quite appropriate for a journey of Creation. There is definitely a correlation between the physical expression and the mental/contemplative work.

The Journey has kept me on track in my head–keeping my mind focused on the highest possible outcomes, the ideals that I am striving toward.

What has been very interesting to me is that I have really experienced a kind of back-and-forth validation between my mind and my physical circumstances.

What I mean is that it seems that when I focus on Love, and bring that focus into my activities, something opens up and my experiences are better somehow.

It’s kind of hard to explain, I just feel better. My body feels so good. I’ve had warm and open interactions with people I’ve never met. When I sit down to get work done, I don’t have anxiety about “how much I need to do”– and the same has been true recently about all the house maintenance and cleaning I need to do; “normally” I am making lists in my head, then trying to figure out what my priorities are, and how much time I have to do something, then wondering if  I have all the materials to get it done. But now, my mind is lighter, freer, unburdened…and I’ve still been getting things done.

The words of today’s Guiding Thought are so appropriate to how I am experiencing this mental-physical validation/interaction: Love in action is Creation; Love’s creations are Whole, Full, and Perfect.

I don’t know how these Journeys do it. I really don’t. I just know they work. With every Journey, my life has gotten better. Maybe it’s just self-fulfilling prophecy in action–maybe…or maybe I am working with the flow of Love in my life, and–you know–it’s so much better to go with that flow than against it.


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