Journey of Creation – Afterword

Tomorrow we begin Journey of Freedom! But first…a bit of an assessment regarding Journey of Creation.

  1. How do I feel, now that I have done an intense, 40-day study of creation?
  2. What do I think I have accomplished?
  3. What do I like about what I did / what would I change next time around?

Let’s just take these one at a time, shall we? (and I encourage you to answer these, or similar questions for yourself about your recent Journey of Creation).

  • How do I feel, now that I have done an intense, 40-day study of creation?

I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment with this Journey.

I think there may be a level of “self-fulfilling prophecy” that occurs with the Journeys, generally speaking. When I am on a Journey, I am aware that I am doing something to bring more >fill in the blank…Creation, Healing, Abundance, Fulfillment, etc.< into my life, and so I then do something which actually fulfills this.

For this Journey, the self fulfilling was a combination of Journey of Beauty, and Journey of Creation: I did things that created more beauty in my life. I painted my fence (beautiful!), made a new gate (beautiful!), painted my bathroom (beautiful!),  cleaned off my porch (beautiful!), started adding nutrient intense foods in my daily menu (health is beautiful!), loved and cultivated my (beautiful) tomatoes… For each of these, both Journey of Beauty and Journey of Creation were in the forefront of my mind.

  • What do I think I have accomplished?

I think was answered to some degree above. However, what I note above represents only the physical aspect of what I accomplished. There is always a deeper level on these Journeys (in case you hadn’t noticed).

So, what did I accomplish within myself?

On day 13, I said this:

With the first repetition, I was immediately drawn in by the double meaning of the first sentence: Choose only to create with Perfect Love. The first meaning is that I focus on my own vibration or energy, and do my best to lift myself to a vibration or energy of Perfect Love, then from that place interact with my world, designing and building with Perfect Love.

I rarely actually remember what I write, on a day-to-day basis. Despite the fact that I wrote this, it was not something I thought about beyond that day.

And yet…

In the past two weeks, you know what I have been focusing on? Lifting my vibration or energy to that of Perfect Love.

In fact, my affirmation or reminder to myself has been, “Raise my vibration. Trust God.” My responsibility is to keep my energy in a vibration of Joy, Love, Gratitude, etc. That’s sometimes all I can do. And if I do it, the best I can, then I just have to trust God with the rest. One day I received an email with some news about a situation, which I had hoped would turn out differently (“better for me”). I found myself feeling sad, questioning, doubtful, insecure, disappointed, among other things. Then my reminder popped into my head, “Raise your vibration. Trust God.” My reminder pointed out to me that I can’t say I trust God, then get disappointed when things don’t go how I want them to–that’s not trusting God. I was able to put the news aside, focus on raising my vibration (and I have to say, it was not easy; I ended up focusing on a task that took a lot of physical/mental energy, which I dedicated to the Divine), then let it go. My sad/disappointed/doubting/insecure has not returned.

  • What do I like about what I did / what would I change next time around?

I like how focused I was on this Journey.

I like that I did the self-fulfilling prophecy thing, and that I incorporated (whether intentionally or not), very physical things that corresponded with the Journey. In fact, this is something I am going to remember to strive for with every Journey.

I like that the connection between Creation and Beauty was so clear and easy. Beauty continues to remain in my awareness; I am so happy and grateful I decided to create a Journey of Beauty.

And that reminds me: Journey of Creation was created during Journey of  Creation. That is an accomplishment all on its own!

  • What would I change next time around?

Since this was the very first-ever Journey of Creation, I do think there is room for improvement, as far as how I approach it.

One thing I will change logistically, is I will have the Guiding Thoughts printed out, or otherwise easily accessible for myself (like on Kindle, or Google Play books), so that I can review them and write about them more easily before I get online to write.

I think, perhaps next time, I will have some projects in mind before I begin which will focus the Journey. However… I may not. I really like the serendipitous nature of these Journeys, when things just show up that are absolutely right, perfect, and totally aligned with the Journey, without any foresight.

Thank you all, so very much for being on your own Journey, whether or not you utilize the Journeys I provide. Your life, your mind, and your evolution are important to all of us–we’re all in this together; as one is lifted, all are lifted. You bless me, when you approach your own life with intention and striving for being a better person. Thank you.

Journey of Freedom begins tomorrow! Begin to think about what freedom means to you. In what areas of your life do you feel free? In what areas of your life would you like to experience more freedom? What is your ideal–if you could picture yourself as completely and totally free…what does that look like for you? Tomorrow, we’ll write about these things…then we’ll begin to explore your inner depths! I look forward to trekking with you.

I love you,


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