Notice: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 30

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Guiding Thought

We focus our mind and thoughts on our Inner Divine Self, our Self of Peace, our Self of Joy, our Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. When we are aware of our Inner Divine Self, we radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!


When I focus on my Divine Self, I feel more at peace.

When I feel at peace, I find joy flows more readily.

When I notice that I feel at peace


When I notice the joy flowing more readily,

I want more.

So I turn my attention to my Divine Self, my Source of Peace and Joy.

I’ve been noticing this today.

I feel happy and contended.

There is a calm in my mind, heart, and body.

I want more,

or rather, I want to keep it going.

I bring my attention to the top of my head, and think of warm golden light flowing into me, down my neck, into my torso, and out from my heart.

And I smile, at peace, and filled with joy. Free.


Able to Relax: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 29

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Guiding Thought

Trusting life allows the flow of Divine energy to come in and through us to bless All. We step gracefully into expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being. We praise and thank Life for supporting us, and we relax in its process.


There is a natural cycle of giving and receiving such that when all things are given freely, all things are given back freely, until the giving and the receiving overlap so frequently we don’t know where one begins and the other ends.

This is how the Divine operates in our lives.

But we’ve clogged it up. We are the ones who have separated the giving from the receiving, so that not only do they no longer overlap, but there are huge gaps between what we give and what we receive.

Divine energy gives to us purely and freely. All we need to do is give back purely and freely.

This is the meaning of the first sentence of the Guiding Thought. We trust Life, because we are Life and Life is us. We are the Divine Energy that is Life; we have been blessed with Life, with Divine energy.

We thank Life for Life Itself when we share the blessing we have already received with All. For, in sharing with any, and with All, we share with Life, and with ourselves.

This is all Life asks of us.

There’s plenty to go around! Just give and give freely! No hoarding your Love! No clenched fists on what you have to offer! Be pure in who you are, a beautiful expression of Divine energy!

This is stepping gracefully into expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being. This is who you are, and what was intended for you.

All that you give freely and purely is the praise and gratitude to Life for supporting you.

Knowing that, it’s easy to relax in the process.

Kismet? or Love?: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 28

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Guiding Thought

Our connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. Love loves us always, everywhere. Assured in love, we are perfectly lovable and perfectly loving with all people in all situations.


Before even getting to the Journey today I was practicing this! I like it when that happens.

Today, before work, I thought to myself, “I have a responsibility to my co-workers to be bright and loving. It’s up to me to bring a level of lightness to the office.”

That’s what I was doing today. First, I made sure that my overall feeling today was very even-keeled with a feeling of peace and harmony. Then, when I would see people or meet with them, or just pass them in the hall, I would remember to bring my attention to my heart and think, “I love this person… I just love this person.”

I also randomly think, “She is just sooo sweet” or “He has a really good heart.” These thoughts are usually random about people I pass on the street or in a store, or even just a picture of someone whose bio or article I have read. I have been aware of doing this with strangers more and more.

I don’t know if there is a correlation between how I was thinking about loving people in all situations today, but out of nowhere, I was invited to another company’s office for a birthday party. How fun! (Fortunately, the project for a deadline I needed to accomplish was almost done.)

Here’s the quick story: a local baker mis-delivered a cake to our office, leaving it at the unattended front desk, rather than finding someone to leave it with. The cake was supposed to go next door (no receptionist, locked door). I walked past the front desk and saw the cake, looked at the delivery slip, and noticed that it was supposed to have gone next door. With no contact information, I called the baker, told them what was up, and they said they would put someone in contact with me to get the cake. Then I walked out of the office….at the almost exact same time someone walked out of the office next door. It just so happened that she was the person who the cake was for. I was able to deliver it without a mediator, and got myself (and several colleagues)  invited to the party. Kismet? or the activity of Love?

Something New: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 27

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Guiding Thought

We allow our physical body to experience itself fully as Light and Love. Our physical bodies embody Light; we are an expanded body of Light and Sound. We move as Light, perceive as Light, behave as Light. We are everywhere—permeating, expanding, unifying, and healing. All things are possible.


Something new happened today. Since I started these Journeys, I have been too close with my own process to be able to observe my process; I haven’t been able to see what I’m going through, what my “issues” are (except on a daily basis), or any patterns that I have. This type of analysis is one of the reasons for doing the “afterword”–after a few days off, I can review what I’ve written, see what was going on, reflect upon the Journey as a whole, see repetitive themes, get an overview, and understand what I was learning.

Today I recognized a thematic pattern to my process over the past week. The theme is: Living as both Light/energy and in a physical body, in a physical world.

Here are some snippets from the past week, with commentary on where it seems to fit into this thematic pattern:

Day 21

Infinite Love, being you:  Think of all that exists, all that has ever existed, and all that will ever exist. Think about all that energy, that creation, all that pure existence. All of that is accessible to you, because right at this moment it is expressing itself as you. You are expressing infinite being. You are not just part of it, you are it, and it is you.

Commentary: I begin here confirming Oneness with Infinite Being–Love.

Day 22

It was as though [The guiding Thought] was reflecting back to me what I am and what I am experiencing. It was not an ideal toward which I was striving; it is here, now, who I am and what I am doing.

Commentary: Here it feels like I have embodied what I understood on Day 21 a little bit better. When doubt disappears, and only the acceptance of what is remains, all that is left is the experience of what is–there are no perceptions denying or fighting it.

Day 23

The human body is simply electrical energy, connected by electrical energy; this energy shifts and moves affecting process and systems throughout the body.

Commentary: This is where I begin to accept “Being Light” as an “actual” physical phenomenon. That is, that our bodies–what we perceive as material–are actually made up of electrical impulses–energy and light.

Day 24

We live in the Oneness of All, which is Divine energy. This moment, right here, right now, we are in itThis is it. In this moment, we are being nourished and healed by simply being right here, right now in this moment. God is in our minds and bodies right here, right now.

Commentary: This day integrates day 23 a bit deeper, acknowledging that though we are One with Divine Energy, we must remember that Divine Energy is One with us (as physical beings).

Day 25

But isn’t is funny that what I failed to recognize for the past 24 days was the very practical nature of these things [health, money, time] for the topic of freedom?

Commentary: I go back on this day to the physical nature of being human. Though we are Light and Love, we live in a physical world, with physical things and needs. This does not negate the Divine Energy that is us and comes through us, we simply must learn to be both physical energy and Divine Energy, simultaneously.

 Day 26

I believe that we are light, and “all” we have to do is realize ourselves as “enlightened” beings, Know ourselves as the Divine Light and Love we are. I believe that we bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe because we are that Love and Light.

Commentary: As with day 22, it feels like I have embodied what I understood on the previous day(s) a little bit better, a little more deeply.

Day 27 (today)

I saw all of us as light-bodies. And today, I understand that term a little bit differently. I used to think “light-body” means pure light–i.e. not physical. So, when I thought about “light-body”, what I imagined was not this body–it was completely different–just light. But now I understand “light-body” to be expressing the idea that this body, right here, right now is light. It is a body and it is Light–a light-body, which sums up my summary of the past week!

Bless you my light-body friends.

Being Light: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 26

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Guiding Thought

Through our physical body, we bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe. We heal unresolved issues through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, and become lighter and brighter. We bring light to all we have denied and we heal our past-present-future NOW. Every day we are lighter and lighter!


A couple days ago, I mentioned what I saw as a connection between neurons (electrical energy) and the idea of “everything is energy”.

Of course, if you know anything about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, this idea is not new. But what is interesting to me, is that the neurons confirm the idea that we are energy.

Here’s the thing: if I already consist of submicroscopic particles/waves which are already pure energy, then how do I realize this and embody it physically as a being of Light?

I just remembered today that I have been working with this idea since I was 14. I used to visualize myself as pure light, pure energy. I used to picture so much light shining within me that it came out of my eyes and hands, and “enlightened” my head–like you see in pictures of holy people (I wanted to be a disciple of Jesus…)

I am still working with this idea. I admit: I believe that we are light, and “all” we have to do is realize ourselves as “enlightened” beings, Know ourselves as the Divine Light and Love we are.

I believe that we bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe because we are that Love and Light.

But…unresolved issues bog us down. Not only do those issues contribute to our believing we are something we are not (material beings), but they literally keep us weighed down through being such a low frequency/vibration that the Light can’t get through. We are doors instead of windows between Light and the world.

Through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, we become lighter and brighter. Literally. As we lift our frequency, Light resonates with us–or I should say, we resonate with Light, and we then shine with the Light we are, because there is nothing in the way.

I feel a great sense of duty and responsibility about this. We need to bring this Love and Light to the world. If we need to do it, then need to do it. I have a responsibility to myself, but more than that, I have a responsibility to you. You can do this, too. You can be the Light you are. If you don’t believe me… well… that’s why I need to be it, so you can see your own Truth.

How much more free can anyone be, as Love and Light?

As a side note, I mention sometimes how the Journeys are all interconnected, leading us to enlightenment from one angle, then from another angle. Here is one of the Guiding Thoughts from Journey of Fulfillment:

We are light. Our Bodies are light. We are free. We know fulfillment and can feel it rise within and expand out.

During that Journey, we look at freedom and Light through the lens of Fulfillment. It gives a bit of a different feel, but much depth, to all of the concepts (Light, Freedom, Fulfillment). Every angle offers a new understanding.

I just had to laugh: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 25

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Guiding Thought

How can we live apart from God? God is indivisible. God is our Source and the Life within us. Our Oneness with All through God was established at our births, at the creation of our being. The realization of this Truth is the foundation of our freedom.


I attended a webinar today. This was the very first slide:

I just had to laugh! More specifically, I just had to laugh at myself. 

I get all caught up in the metaphysics of everything, and I forget (sometimes) the practical implications. Freedom is really a practical concept, as this slide shows:

  • Do you have good health? (If not, how free are you?)
  • Are you satisfied (If not, what are you a slave to? What are you chasing? What do you want that you don’t yet have, causing you dissatisfaction?)
  • Do you have enough money? (There is freedom in having enough money! If nothing else, there is freedom in not having to think about maneuvering, manipulating, or conserving money!)
  • Do you have enough time? (If you don’t have enough money, chances are you don’t have enough time–perhaps you spend your time trying to get more money. There is real value in having time, in letting your mind and body relax.)
  • Can you recognize opportunities? (I can tell you that probably, if you are not satisfied, if you don’t have enough money, or you don’t have enough time, you are too stressed out to be able to recognize an opportunity, because you are too busy trying to get what you don’t have.)

I get it. Thank goodness I have good health, I am satisfied, have enough money, have spare time, and can recognize opportunities!

But isn’t is funny that what I failed to recognize for the past 24 days was the very practical nature of these things for the topic of freedom? It’s ok…you can laugh at me, too.

The rest of the webinar was about growing and evolving in order to have greater stability and self-determination in health and income, in order to achieve a new level of freedom (isn’t that what this Journey is about, too?).

That’s kind of exciting to me. Prosperity and ability to make healthy decisions are incredibly important to me, and incredibly vital to a physical (combined with the metaphysical) expression of freedom. I felt very productive and motivated as a result.

If you’re curious…this is a company that promotes whole, concentrated, herbal foods based on 5,000 years of Chinese herbal medicine. If you are curious about your own health, or interested in helping other people to learn about their health, I provide an assessment tool here, and I’d be happy to talk to you (no fee…really, it’s just fun).

You and Me Both: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 24

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Guiding Thought

Divine energy nourishes us, heals us, and brings God into our minds and bodies. Enlightenment moves us, awakens our Soul, and firmly grounds us in all we do. Our energy creates our life experiences; our being is only love and light.


I have a confession. I don’t know what enlightenment is, at least I don’t know today, maybe I’ll know tomorrow.

Now knowing what enlightenment is, I feel some puzzlement about the phrase, “Enlightenment moves us, awakens our Soul, and firmly grounds us in all we do.”

For years, I have wondered what the word means; more recently I have been wondering this in the past week due to a newsletter I received from someone who claims to have become enlightened in 1960.

Notice I say, “claims”. Who decides who is enlightened? Can I just decide I am enlightened and start telling people I am, and make it true?

Just today I was reading about two “enlightened” people:  Ramana Maharshi and Dr. Jean Klein. Throughout the articles I was reading, the term “enlightened” was used repeatedly, without an explanation of what it is. Let me be clear: I am not doubting that these people are enlightened, I just want to know what it means to them.

As a social scientist, and researcher, I like it when people define their terms.

How do I know that what one person means by enlightenment is the same as what another person means by it?

What if this one word describes different things to different people? We won’t know unless we talk about what the word means.

I’ve thought (as my own devil’s advocate) that “people ‘just know’ what it is and if you have to ask, it means you’re not enlightened–you just don’t get it”.

OK, that’s fine. I’m not enlightened. That’s ok; lots of people aren’t. But it seems like this line of reasoning leaves a lot of possibility for us regular folk to be taken advantage of by people who say they’re enlightened. Again, let me be clear: I totally get that there are some states of understanding that “there are no words for”. I’ve had a few myself. But just because someone has had an experience of such a state does not make them enlightened…or does it? Perhaps remaining in such a state in a sustained way qualifies as enlightenment. I don’t know.

I also understand that trying to define something like enlightenment is the complete antithesis of enlightenment. I get that too; I talk about it here–it’s called Oneness–being in a state of absolute equality regarding all things. Any definition only serves to divide and separate, and so takes us away from enlightenment (but on the other hand, if enlightenment is Oneness, then everything, including definitions are included in that, right?)

But this does not mean understanding Oneness is enlightenment. If that were the case, then I would be enlightened, and I’ve already concluded I’m not.

Or am I?

If enlightenment is Oneness, then everything I am right here, right now, is included in that, so I am enlightened…right?

If this is true, and I am enlightened right here, right now, then the Guiding Thought makes a little more sense:

Divine energy nourishes us, heals us, and brings God into our minds and bodies. Everything in energy. We live in the Oneness of All, which is Divine energy. This moment, right here, right now, we are in itThis is it. In this moment, we are being nourished and healed by simply being right here, right now in this moment. God is in our minds and bodies right here, right now.

Enlightenment moves us, awakens our Soul, and firmly grounds us in all we do. This is itSince this is it, this moment is an enlightened moment. Our soul is awake (with this realization) and everything we do is grounded in Enlightenment, since Enlightement is everything, right here, right now–Oneness.

Our energy creates our life experiences; our being is only love and light. We are only Divine energy. Everything is only Divine energy. Divine energy is “our energy” and therefore, of course It creates our life experiences; of course our being is only love and light.

Maybe I know what enlightenment is, after all.

Maybe I am enlightened, right here, right now.

And maybe you are, too, right here, right now.