Journey of Freedom: Commitment and Dedication 2017

Keeping with my promise from yesterday to keep this simple…

I am committed to doing this Journey as deeply and intensely as I can every day, for 40 days.

I am committed to releasing judgments, and to staying still and calm in the eye of any storm.

I dedicate myself, my work, this Journey to you.

I always say things like, “We’re all in this together”; “When one is lifted, all are lifted”; “Oneness…blah blah blah…Equality…blah…Love is ALL…blah blah……Oneness (again!) blah blah blah.”

Well. I believe all that, even the “blah blah blah”. What I know from experience is that when I go deeper and find those nuggets of Truth, something in you opens. When I go deeper and release my obstructions, hindrances, fears, uncertainties, doubts…something in you releases. (You may not know it…but we are–truly–all connected.)

This Journey I do for you, for your discovery of Truth, for your release of the things that hold you from it.

May we all Know Oneness together.

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