Buoyant Beginning: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 01

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Guiding Thought

Love is my natural state; In Love I remember who I truly am; I remember my holiness, my innocence, and my infinity.  Love enlightens my mind and lifts my heart. I feel buoyant and expansive! I am now aware of my Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free.


I felt pretty good about how focused I was while contemplating the Guiding Thought. I set a timer, so that I would know when I had completed at least 5 minutes, and I stayed pretty-well focused for that time (except when my mind wandered—just a bit!). I can focus on anything for 5 minutes! When that time was done, I found myself still thinking about the Guiding Thought for almost another 5 minutes, which seems to be an added benefit.

My mind did wander just a little (really just once), and I was able to pull it back into concentrated focus pretty easily.

Overall, the Guiding Thought made good sense to me. I thought the very first sentence really digs right in, doesn’t it? If Love is “my natural state”, then the definition I have of “me/my/mine” gets shifted right away into Love. In other words, I have to think about the definition of myself in terms of Love, rather than in terms of how I maybe otherwise define myself. I have to replace any definition I have of “me” that is not Love with something that is Love.

Luckily, the Guiding Thought does a good job of not leaving me hanging. I may not know what “me as Love” looks like, and the Guiding Thought fills in that blank: holiness, my innocence, and my infinity.

That’s a pretty nice self-image, I think.

I did not feel the Guiding Thought’s meaning very deeply, though I did feel it. I especially connected with the part about Love enlightens my mind and lifts my heart. I could literally almost feel my mind becoming brighter, and my heart rising a bit in my chest. I did feel a bit of a wave of energy! Just a bit, but a wave nonetheless!

I felt like I wanted to apply the Guiding Thought in every area of my life, though there were no specific instances that I felt were immediately applicable. My association was more general, it was like, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I felt this Love stuff all the time, if my mind was enlightened, and my heart lifted all the time?”

Finally, I had a fun connection: just two days ago, when writing the Why a Journey of Freedom, I said, “August is gearing up to be a bit of an energy-swirling kind of month…I want to be in a mind-frame of non-judgment as I experience that. If the energy is such that many people will be caught up in a riptide of energy, or a whirlpool, or waves crashing around them, I want to experience it from my buoy floating in the water: I may feel surges, but I am safe on my buoy.”  … and now, today, the word buoyant is right there in the Guiding Thought! There’s got to be a connection there, right?


2 thoughts on “Buoyant Beginning: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 01

  1. Yes! Buoyant is a perfect word, Sus! My shamanic name is “sees through water,” once I upgrade to “breathes through water…” hahahha. We shall have “Swims through the current…. masterfully!” Freedom is here! I see it in us, regardless of the shifting appearances of things. Bless you Susan for all that you do here! Check out my recent post on strong female role models if you get a chance. This is the beginning of a great 👍🏽 journey.


    • Ka! So good to see you! When I was a kid, I was convinced that I knew how to breathe in water; I’d just forgotten. I never put it to the test! It seems to me you swim pretty masterfully now–but we do all have more mastery to achieve, especially as all these changes are taking place–we must keep the pace AND continue advancing!

      I love your post (for anyone who sees this after the fact, here is the direct link to Ka’s post: https://fiestaestrellas.com/2017/07/19/shepersisted-was-inspired-by/). I always identified with a “he” hero, too! Not anymore. I have really begun to engage the Divine Mother Energy, which feels so familiar, yet so foreign at the same time, but it is slowly seeping in, and soon will be a deluge.

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