Laser Glide to Freedom: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 12

Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Freely release patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom! Allow your thoughts and feelings to transform through remembrance of Freedom through Love! You were born with everything you need to be free in Love. Allow Love to lead you. Trust Love and surrender to its wisdom.


Three “big” things happened today while contemplating the Guiding Thought. Though I’ve had similar things happen none of them have ever happened quite like this before.

First, I started the Guiding Thought, as usual, reading the words, going along, clear and connected for about two minutes; everything felt “right”. But then, I realized (it was as though someone literally pointed this out to me), that “just reading the words” was not the same as directing the words to a subject, “you”. The difference felt like either lying on my back, on a raft floating down a lazy river, versus sculling a fine boat. The first is a lazy drift, going where the river and wind take you; the second is speedy, effortless glide toward a laser-guided destination.

I stopped immediately and re-comported myself. I wanted the laser-guided destination, not the lazy drift.

I said a little prayer, asking my Christ-presence to mediate my visualization for all humanity, for the highest, divine benefit of all, in their own unique way. And I started my contemplation over.

The prayer and re-comportment shifted my experience of the Guiding Thought completely. It became just like that laser, connected with everyone, in a way I’ve never felt before.

Second, I felt the patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom releasing, really releasing.

There were three images that came to mind: evaporation, heat off the pavement, and thermal equilibrium—and the release felt like all three of these.

With the feeling of evaporation, there was a mild feeling of energy dispersion. Then the dispersion became more intense, and I could “see” the “evaporation”, like heat off the pavement–all the patterns and habits lifting slowly out of my body and mind. Then that became more intense, and it was like a pulling, or a drawing out of the patterns, habits, and thoughts. The visual for this is, for example, putting something frozen in a bowl of lukewarm water: the warm water “pulls” the cold out of the frozen item, to equalize the temperatures; or, like a draft from a crack in a door, pulling air in to a warm house. In the same way, my old energy patterns were being pulled up through and out of me.

What was really neat about these images is that I was not creating the image to instigate a release; the release was happening, and I was a by-stander, observing through these images.

There was emphasis in my observation that the words “freely release” from the Guiding Thought definitely apply. Somehow, I was not even capable of holding anything back; the process was so natural (so “free”), it was occurring as naturally as evaporation, or the law of thermal equilibrium. Pretty cool.

Finally, the third thing that “happened” was that about ¾ of the way through the (second) contemplation time, as I was directing the Guiding Thought to all of humanity, I could also feel the the Guiding Thought being spoken to my mind. “Being spoken”–because “I” was not doing the speaking.

It wasn’t “me”, and my mind was different.

I know this sounds weird, but that’s because it was, and I am not really sure how to explain it.

The best way I can describe it is that my Christ-Self was talking to my Higher Mind.

Let me explain that: I have a Christ-Self; you have a Christ-Self; we all have a Christ-Self. All of our Christ-Selves are united as One, and They all communicate with each other as One. While they are all “up there” communicating with each other as One, each of them is also communicating with me, with you, with everyone individually “down here”. They do this through our Higher Mind, which is unique to each of us as individuals; the Higher Mind is the interpreter of the Christ-Self for each of us, and It communicates with us in a way that we each can best understand It, and thereby understand the Christ-Self.

What I experienced was the communication between The Christ-Self and my own Higher Mind. As with the evaporation and thermal equilibrium, I experienced it as an observation. It was like “they” were working together to release my patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom. I was just watching.

The reason I think it was this is because my mind (my “Higher Mind”) was perfectly agreeable and cooperative (which “my mind” isn’t usually). This is also why I said above that my mind was “different”. It was my mind, but not the one that associates itself with my body. It was my mind, associating itself with the Christ-Self.

With this, I felt a shift in my (lower) mind. I felt like it was being reassured to Allow Love to lead you. Trust Love and surrender to its wisdom. I felt like it was being reassured to let go, and let the Higher Mind be in charge. There was no resistance from my lower mind.

My mind, during this time was (in addition to all of humanity) the subject being spoken to, the “you” of the Guiding Thought. I had an awareness of The Christ Self communicating to all the Higher Minds in Oneness, of which my mind is part, and I was simultaneously experiencing the “part” that is “my mind”, while experiencing the Oneness of all the Christ Selves.

All in all, a fun day. And, then again, judge nothing! 

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