Total Immunity: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 34

Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Divine energy nourishes me, heals me, and brings God into my mind and body. Enlightenment moves me, awakens my Soul, and firmly grounds me in all I do. My energy creates my life experiences; my being is only love and light.


I’ve been reading a lot lately about immunity. Have you ever thought that if the body were totally immune there would be no reason to fear infection, sickness, disease, decay, or even death?

What’s more, if the mind were totally immune, then there would be no mental illness, no PTSD, no anxiety, worry, depression, addiction, or bi-polar disorders.

And think about it: if you were totally immune, no one could take advantage of you, manipulate you, lay guilt trips on you, make you feel shame, embarrass you, or insert any emotion into your belief system at all.

Sounds ok to me.

Where would that leave the abusers, the narcissists, the gas lighters, the liars, and manipulators?

They would have to figure something else out, because when enough of us become immune to their mental/emotional onslaughts, they will not get what they want: power and control (over others). No one will be feeding their dragons, so the dragons will starve.

I actually think this shift is already happening.There is enough exposure right now of toxic, narcissistic, and manipulative people at the very highest levels, that people at the lowest levels are now able to identify it, see it for what it is, and say “no more, not in my life”!  What a gift the current state of political dysfunction has been! It’s brought so much toxicity out for all to see! Now people can rid themselves of something that before they could not even identify.

So, let’s work towards total immunity, shall we?

You see, I really think “total immunity” simply means being Love and Light. How can anything less than Love and Light affect someone who is Love and Light?


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