Stronger Together: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 38

Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

My connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. Love loves me always, everywhere. Assured in love, I am perfectly lovable and perfectly loving with all people in all situations. 


I have a connection to the Infinite Source of Love.

You have a connection to the Infinite Source of Love.

We have a connection to the Infinite Source of Love.

Right here, right now: you are connected to Love. You are connected to me, as I am to you, through Love.

The Love that Loves me always and everywhere Loves you always and everywhere.

We always have access to that Love. We always have an infinite supply.

Yesterday, I was at Trader Joe’s, my lunchtime hangout (yes, I am there at least once a week). I got to the checkout, and began the usual, “Hi, how are you” with the cashier. This was a cashier I did not know; I know many of them, but not this one. As he was responding to my “Hi, how are you”, he gave a slight indication that there was more to his response than the template answer.

So I asked him, “really–how is everything”?

He put his hand to his heart, rolled his head and eyes and started to say something real. After just a few jumbled words, he stopped himself and said, “Now I’m getting too philosophical…Let’s just say I’m going through a rough time right now…”

Normally, I would have replied with some quip about how philosophy is AOK with me! but this time, I looked right at him, and said, “if it’s any consolation, everyone is having a rough time right now, we’re all in this together, we’ll get through it together.”

I think he did not know what to do with my intensity. He stumbled over the words, “yeah, stronger together…”

YES. Stronger together.

Whatever way he meant it– even if he was being cliche because he did not know what else to say/do–YES. Stronger together.

I know how meant it; I know that I was connecting with Infinite Love, asking It to be with him, and telling him in unspoken words that I am here for you, >love< —take some, there’s plenty, be strengthened and encouraged.

I don’t know what he got. That’s how it is; we never really know what the recipient actually experiences. The interaction was too brief for me to see anything beyond the next, “your receipt’s in the bag, have a good rest of your day”.

We really are stronger together, and we need to strengthen and encourage each other daily if we are going to get through this (whatever this is–for you, for your neighbor, for the cashier at the store…).

Love is infinite. We are connected through Love. Share freely.

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