Bless You!: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 39

Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Trusting life allows the flow of Divine energy to come in and through me to bless All. I step gracefully into expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being. I praise and thank Life for supporting me, and I relax in its process.


I’d like to point out a few things. 1) this Guiding Thought does not work without the all-important to bless All. It is all well and fine to embody Divine being, but It must be shared. You keep It when you give It away. 2) The All with which you share is Divine being, Itself. There is nothing other than Divine being–but it’s up to you to see/perceive It in All. 3) Blessing All is praise and gratitude. What have we to give except the Light within which blesses All?

Essentially, this Guiding Thought lays out the cycle of Divine being expressing Itself and thereby supporting/maintaining Itself.

Since you are the very being of the Divine, you are included in this.

When you understand this, and see yourself as All, trust happens, and with it relaxing.

You become sidetracked when you identify with your individual personality.  Thinking of yourself as apart from, or separate from All changes your perspective. When you give, in this way of thinking, you lose whatever it is that you give. Thus the mindset of the individual personality is, “I have to keep it all for myself”.

The problem here is not in the fact of having an individual personality–how can that be disputed? Everyone is an individual. You are beautiful in your uniqueness; we are all beautiful in our uniqueness.

The problem comes in when you hold onto this as the only identification for yourself. You are so much more than a personality, or a body.

The trick is to expand your perception of yourself, expand your definition of “self” and “other”. You are All.

We are All.

We are only All.

We are only All together.

The extent to which you perceive (or even imagine) this is the extent to which you are able to embody the Divine which blesses All–and blesses you.

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