Take Time for Your Self: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 40

Whew! Another one down. 40 days closer to enlightenment/ascension/My Own Divine Being! One drop-day at a time. I’m so glad you’ve joined me over the past few weeks. You are that much closer, too! We’re all in this together. Thank you for being; thank you for your being; thank you for being here.

Join me for the next Journey–Journey of Peace; it begins September 21. Between now and then, I will post for this Journey one last time with my self-assessment/review.

Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I focus my mind and thoughts on my Inner Divine Self—my Self of Peace, my Self of Joy, my Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. When I am aware of my Inner Divine Self, I radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!


How much time do you take each day to invite-welcome-accept-receive your Inner Divine Self?

The more I experience myself as my Divine Self, the easier it is to take the time to get to know Me.

The more I get to know my Divine Self the more time I want to spend with It/me.

When I started this just a few years ago, there were times of difficulty, resistance, and rebellion. I plodded. I trudged. I walked through the mire, gook and crap in my mind and emotions, becoming aware of all of the things that got in my way to Knowing myself.

I’m not saying I’m done. I’m not saying there isn’t more stuff that needs to come up and out to be purged. In fact, if anything, I am now even more aware of mental-physical-emotional barriers. Everything that is a hindrance to my Self seems to slap me immediately.

The difference is that now I can let it go faster. Now, I know how to let it go. Now, the pull to be with my Divine Self is stronger than my pull to remain in any anger-resentment-frustration.

Most of the time.

But even when I feel myself pulled by my anger-resentment-frustrations, I can see it. I know what’s going on. If I make the choice to stay in my anger-resentment-frustration, I can say to myself, “Ok. I’m not quite ready to deal with this yet, and that’s ok.” Then I can give it to my Divine Self, and ask for help in resolution.

I say all of this because I feel like I am closer to really understanding what it means to express the freedom of Being in Life.

Again–I’m not done. I have not arrived. Do we ever…until we do? But I now Know I am making progress. There is a sliver of a hint of the magnitude of what Freedom is, and I am getting there, joyfully, patiently, eagerly!

Each day I look forward to this time spent with my Divine Self. Five minutes or fifteen minutes–every drop counts.

Love and Peace to you my Journeying Friend.

“Journey’s End” By: Clannad, from the album Macalla:

Blue waves are rolling

Visions in my mind

Of a strange voice calling

Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end

(Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end)


Hear the anchor sinking

Voices ringing clear

Farewell from my kindred

And friends I love so dear, and friends I love so dear

(Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end)


Lost streams are fading

They sweep across the vale

And with oceans of meadows

To bring me back again, to bring me back again

(Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end)


Long have I traveled

In storm, in the sun, in the rain

And it’s homeward singing

Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end

(Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end)

(Journey’s at an end, journey’s at an end)






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