Journey of Peace Begins Sept. 21!

Tomorrow begins Journey of Peace! Welcome Welcome!

Tomorrow also just happens to be International Day of Peace. I did not plan this. In fact, I just found out about the International Day of Peace, and this Journey has been planned for over 6 months. The synchronicity indicates to me that I am in tune with the universe, and doing something right. I’ll take it!

To kick off the Journey, we will begin as usual by considering why doing a Journey of Peace is important. Each person has their own reasons. Day 01 is the day to contemplate yours. What inspires you to bring more peace into your mind/body/emotions…into the world? If you would like some ideas, there are a lot of websites set up for the International Day of Peace. Here are just a few to inspire you:


I look forward to doing the Journey with you-we have numbers on our side! Let’s do this.

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