Why a Journey of Peace 2017

Welcome to Journey of Peace!

I did not plan to begin today’s Journey on International Day of Peace. It just kind of worked out that way. Synchronicity rocks.

Today we begin by considering what this Journey means to you, why Peace is important to you, why evolving your ideas about Peace matter. As you think about why you are doing this Journey for yourself, also think about aligning with everyone else on the planet who is working for peace, in any and every way. Let’s keep the peace momentum building!

There are so many reasons that I want to complete this Journey. In keeping with my principle from the last Journey, I am going to continue to KISSS (Keep It Simple, Silly Susan). The main thing, as I (you) think about the why is to connect with my (your) heart, and feel myour own truth about the why. Really. Feel it.

I have been working with Peace since I began the Journeys over four years ago. Why I am doing a Journey of Peace: to bring everything together; to unify all of the preceding Journeys. Peace has been a part of every Journey, every step of the way. Here’s what I am talking about (these are just a few examples):

  1. (connected to Purpose)I have been practicing and learning to cultivate that feeling [of Oneness]… and I now call “that feeling” transcendence, or enlightenment. Whatever the word, the effects are the overwhelming feelings of being in a flow, of clarity, of love, peace, wholeness, completion, trust, and happiness (not always all at the same time). In a broader sense, transcendence is connected to a very solid, practical, purposeful goal. Beyond basketball, it became applicable to life, because I noticed that when practiced and pursued consciously, the effects slowly expanded, making life’s activities, relationships, and choices clearer, more peaceful, more gentle.
  2. (connected to Purpose, Abundance, and Creation)There are two primary schools of thought around the use of intention. The first school of thought goes something like this: “Your mind is a powerful creative tool. If you focus it correctly you can manifest money, objects, events, and people in your life. Using positive thinking and visualization trains your mind to attract what you desire.” The first school of thought focuses on material outcomes.  The second school of thought goes something like this: “Your mind is a powerful creative tool because you are One with God and God’s desire for you is your own happiness, your own fulfillment in all things, including money, objects, and events. Since God’s Will is your will, when you realize that Will in your own consciousness and when you align your thinking with the One Will all things are ‘added unto you’”.  With the first school of thought, you choose what you want and go after it; in the second, you allow God to provide you with “good things” and you simply (or not so simply) align your mind with God. The only way to know for certain if you are frying green tomatoes or humans– the only way to know your intentions are for the good of all, and in the service of Love and Peace— is to practice the second method.
  3. (connected to Purpose, Worth, and Creation) Transcendence is when the mind/heart/body (thoughts/emotions/actions) express only that which is in alignment with Infinite and Eternal Oneness, in which only peace and love exist…I found that my understanding of purpose was tied to Joy, Love, Peace, and Expression, as well as  tied to understanding myself, and how to share that with others. I found a new understanding of purpose through joy, love, peace, myself, and my Self-expression. But I also found a new understanding of Joy, Love, Peace, my Self, and Expression through the concept of purpose.
  4. Early on, I even asked, “What is the relationship of worth or worthiness to love, B, purpose, service to all, etc.?”
  5. (connected to healing) I want Peace. I want to Know Peace. I want to be happy. I am not at peace now; I am not happy now… I feel lost and uncertain. How do I get to Peace? I must be willing to accept Oneness, Truth, the Truth of Love and Oneness. If I am not at Peace, I cut myself off from Oneness; I feel myself as separate and alone. I must be willing to rejoin myself with my Self, where I am in Truth.My Self wants only Peace and Love for me. I do, deeply. I want Peace and Love for myself… and for you. I want us to be happy, deeply happy, deeply joyful, and deeply peaceful. This is what I want.That’s it. I have backed up to the place I remember where I am. I know because I felt the weight lift, just slightly, just enough. There was a feeling of recognition, a feeling of “ahhhhhh”.  Peace is within me, and I want to share it. I can’t share it if I cut it off, if I make it inaccessible to myself. Making it inaccessible to me makes it inaccessible to you. You deserve to be happy and at Peace, why would I keep that from you? If I withhold from myself, I withhold from you, and I want you to be happy, to be at Peace.

I think #5 says it all very succinctly. I want you to be happy, to be at peace, to know how much you are loved and to rest, assured in the love that you are, always.

Tomorrow we do the commitment-dedication… then we begin! Thank you so much for being here and working toward greater Peace with me.


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