Preferences: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 01

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Guiding Thought

I am Love. I have infinite Love to give; therefore, I am able to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, my energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to my inner State of Being with mutual harmony.


A friend recently posted this on Face Book:

While I contemplated the Guiding Thought, this was all I could think about (I even censored it in my head).

How many people don’t like themselves?…much less Love themselves!?

How so many people are influenced by the opinions of people who do not even like themselves!

What does the energy of people who do not like themselves look like? It must be dull…not vibrant!

How does All of Life respond to people’s inner state of being, when that inner state is one of self-loathing?

On the flip side: I Love myself! And I am working on loving myself more and more every day!

How is it even possible that I can be influenced by someone who does not love themselves? I can’t! It’s like water and oil, they can be around the same area of space, but they slip right on past each other, barely noticing the other’s presence.

My energy is vibrant! And radiant! And beautiful!

It was at this point where my brain went to physics. I imagined energy at a sub-atomic level and its resonance with the energy around it.

Energetic charges—electricity– resonate with the energy around it. Whenever you walk into a room, and “feel” the mood, you’ve tapped into a resonance with what is going on around you.

If that room is full of people who don’t like themselves, the “mood” will feel one way. If you are surrounded with people who love themselves, the mood is completely different, perhaps even vibrant!

And think of the presence of harmony or disharmony, peace or disturbance, in these two scenarios.

Which do you think you would prefer?

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