Nothing But: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 05

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

I am now aware of my complete harmony with All of Life. I choose to carry the harmony of Oneness with me in all areas of my life. Awareness of Oneness brings immediate peace to all my relationships and interactions. I choose Peace. I choose recognizing Unity with All. I choose Oneness with All.


Nothing but Truth exists.

Nothing but Harmony exists.

Nothing but Oneness exists.

Nothing but Love exists.

If something is not True, it simply does not exist. This is the idea behind the philosophical/religious traditions that say “the world” is an illusion, known as “maya”. We are not perceiving Truth; we are perceiving the illusion; the illusion is not True; We must get beyond the illusion (beyond our ignorance of Truth), and Know (not perceive) Truth.

Existence is the first premise of Life. Descartes had it a bit backwards with his “I think, therefore I am”, if we understand this to signify that the comprehension of the existence precedes existence itself.  How can anything precede existence?

So, I exist.

The question is: how aware am I of my own existence?

If I am aware of all my (individual) existence, then I am aware of all existence, because Truth is the first premise of existence, therefore of Life.

To know existence is to know Truth. To Know Truth is to Know Love, Oneness, Harmony. There is no Knowing “just one part” of existence. Full Knowing Knows All.

But I do not Know. I reside in the world, in perception, in illusion, in ignorance.

If I were now aware of my complete harmony with All of Life, that completeness would open the door to all completeness.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says, “There is nothing about me that you cannot attain. I have nothing that does not come from God. The difference between us now is that I have nothing else. This leaves me in a state which is only potential in you.”

Jesus Knows the Truth of existence.

Knowing Truth is potential in me.

Until I Know, I am happy to continue to choose Harmony, Oneness, Unity, Peace in each and every moment. The more repetition and practice that I have of being aware of Truth, the closer I get to being aware of the completeness of Truth.




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