Questions Answered: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 06

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

I prepare my mind for Peace. I prepare my mind to recognize that above all else, I want the Peace that passeth understanding. Today, I offer only this, in humility and gratitude to my Divine Self: I am willing to let the Peace of God be what it is, and I accept myself as I am meant to be.


Why do I need to prepare my mind for PeaceIsn’t my mind ready for Peace?

If your mind were ready for Peace, you would have It. Do you have It? If you had It, you would not be asking this question. You already are Peace, fully and completely. When you Know this, all questions will subside. In the meantime, you are preparing your mind for full Knowledge. There is still a part of your mind that does not accept the reality of its own complete Peace. You nudge it along with your commitment to It.

And I commit to it by preparing my mind to recognize that it wants It…above all else?

Yes. You need to decide how much you want It. When you want it fully and completely, you will Know It, fully and completely. In the meantime, you vacillate. Your commitment is strong some days and weak other days; your experience of Peace is correspondingly strong some days and weak other days. It can not enter where It is not invited. You must invite It and when It comes, recognize It when it arrives, welcome It, treat It as an honored guest, and go out of your way to show your appreciation for It. This is what you would do for anything you want above all else, no?

That is why I offer it gratitude in humility? Because It has given me what I want, above all else? 

You are thanking your Self for your Self. You are the giver and the receiver. You are the Peace you seek; you are the Peace you find. You are the Truth you seek; you are the Truth you find. You are what you want, above all else. The gratitude is “simply” acknowledging (the recognizing) that the only gift you have, need, or want, you already possess.

“Accepting myself as I am meant to be?”

Of course. You see.



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