What Peace Can Do: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 17

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

The Peace of God is stronger than your self-constructed obstacles to It. Open Your mind to holy communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. Peace stands victorious. You are that Peace.


It happens that I am traveling (i.e., flying) today. Generally speaking, traveling is a time for a bit of anxiety, a bit of chaos, and at least a bit of uncertainty until the destination is reached, in both directions and I am back home. I don’t travel regularly enough that I feel comfortable and familiar with traveling as a pattern or a habit.

What a great time to practice peace right!?

I started practicing early this morning at the train station, while heading to the airport. I didn’t have the Guiding Thought in front of me, so I decided to reach into what I know (and what I practice) more generally. I used thoughts like “Everything is energy!” “I am part of everything!” “Everything is God!” “I am One with God and with everything around me!”

Yes, exclamation points punctuated my thoughts.

I looked around  at all of the concrete, the trains, the people– numbly drinking their coffee, and started thinking about how this is life.

I am part of this!

Despite the concrete, despite the noise, I started understanding myself as part of that energy. Every noise, every brick, every iron rail, every car, every waste basket: I am part of thisI am One with ALL of this.

It felt like a stretch, I admit. Part of me was thinking, “Why in the world do you want to be part of this filthy concrete jungle?”

Fortunately, I had a reference point that helped bridge the gap. Did you know that you learn things more quickly when you can associate the new thing with something you already know? That’s what I did, I remembered a feeling about being in Life, and transferred it onto being in Life in the concrete jungle.

During “Journey of Beauty”, I described my year in Denmark with an overall sense of freedom, and then said, “In Denmark the freedom was, ‘I AM HERE!’ …of being alive and out in the world, discovering myself without preconceptions or expectations.”

I was able to carry that feeling of freedom, and I am here!, into the concrete jungle.

I shifted. I was able to see beyond the concrete, hear beyond the noise, appreciate the experience of Life, and be grateful.

Then, when I got to the Guiding Thought, I understood “obstacles” as my own unwillingness to see everything as God. As soon as I was able to shift that, and open my mind to the holy communion of All that Is, the obstacles did crumble.

I am at peace. I am that peace. My travel day has been only fun and smooth sailing. See what Peace can do?

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