Everyone, Doing Their Best: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 20

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Knowing the essence of All as your Self, you respect and revere All Life. Love your Self; love All Life. Bring this Love regularly, sincerely, and thankfully to all your activities and interactions. Know now the Peace inherent in Oneness. Know All as your Self. Know your Self as Love.


I feel totally distracted and unfocused with the Journey today. Totally. However, I am not going to judge myself too harshly. Here’s why:

Today I was very focused and concentrated on a different project. Feeling distracted here (I believe) had less to do with resistance or obstructions, and more to do with really loving what I was doing before I stopped doing that to focus (poorly) on this.

I’ve been scoring myself, quantitatively on this Journey. I score–on a scale of 0-10–things like how focused I am, whether or not my mind wanders, how well I understand the Guiding Thought, how deep my insights are (or aren’t).

I wanted to have an objective-type tool, in addition to the qualitative reflections. Can you tell I am a trained social scientist? I plan to put the numbers into a graph at the end, to see the trends and tendencies. If I continue doing this with each Journey, I will get a fun picture of…something. I’ll share the graph with you at the end, when I write my overall assessment.

Why did I start telling you this? Oh, yeah…because today I was distracted and unfocused. Suffice to say that today was a very low-scoring day.

You see, not every day needs to be intense. I’ve come a long way from thinking that I need to “really get at it”. It’s ok. What’s most important is to be consistent; take time every day for feeding your brain good thoughts.

A friend of mine posted this on FB earlier today:

You know that’s right. All we can do is do the best we can at the moment, and (imho) continue to work to increase our intelligence, awareness, and inspiration, so that our best keeps getting better.

Maybe Donald would like to Journey with me?

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