What a Difference 10 Days Make: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 22

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Knowing our Self as Peace fortifies our inner awareness of unity. Through gratitude for the Life we Are, we connect with harmony. Through harmony, we are restored and strengthened, and thus are able to carry our Inner Peace to all of life’s activity surrounding us.


It was ten days ago–day 12–that I went on a rant about feeling angry about the Guiding Thought. If I Knew how to Know myself as Peace, I wouldn’t be doing this Journey, would I? I wouldn’t need it. I said, effectively dismissing the first sentence as useless, because it is telling me to do something that I could not fathom at the time.

Today I have done a 180, totally fixated on that first sentence.

Here’s why: I can remove the “as Peace” and the sentence makes perfect sense. Knowing our Self fortifies our inner awareness of unity.

Ten days ago, “I” could not reach far enough to understand myself in the greater context of either Peace or Unity.

But today, “I” is “our”, and the unity of us through our Self seems to make perfect sense. We are fortified through understanding our unity. We are One.

I can be thankful for the Life “I” am; but when the “I” which is connected to “you” is thankful for the Life we both are, there’s a deeper understanding of the very meaning of “Life”.

“My” Life cannot be separated from “your” life. My voice, your voice, all voices, contribute to the harmony which is All of Life. We all make up the symphony. We live in a symphony with every other being. Life is this harmony, the perfect symphony of everyone.

How do we know? Look around. Life surrounds us, and we live in it. Together. Isn’t this reason enough to want to figure out, and learn, how to bring more Peace to Life in every aspect?

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