Mass of Swirling Emotion: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 30

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Knowing the essence of All as our Self, we respect and revere All Life. We love our Self; we love All Life. We bring this Love regularly, sincerely, and thankfully to all our activities and interactions. We now Know the Peace inherent in Oneness. We Know All as our Self. We Know our Self as Love.


For about the past 24 hours, I’ve had some emotions that feel like they are rising up from deep within my subconscious–so deep that there is no external “trigger”, no situation to provoke them.

I feel disconnected.

I feel despondent.

They have been so vague in origin, yet clear in what I feel, that they have triggered more-conscious emotions.

I feel confused. (What does this mean?)

I feel bothered. (Ugh, what is going on!?)

I feel burdened. (How am I supposed to deal with this?)

You may imagine that with these emotions swirling around, not only has my contemplation been affected, but I have not been able to be clear about what I am doing, whether or not I am making the right decisions. Feeling disconnected, is related to (not) feeling At One, or Attuned to my Source. If I feel as though I am not in tune, what can I do? Nothing. So I then feel despondent, because if I feel like I can’t do anything; I feel like I just need to sit, wait, and see.

Fortunately, there have not been really important decisions to be made. And, as I said, there was no external situation that started it all, so I have been able to move through life “normally”, simply being aware of these feelings, and working with my practices to transmute them.

It has brought to mind some thoughts that I have struggled with over the years regarding how we/I move through life when emotions pester us:

  1. How does one discern between the energy of resistance (fear) and a cue from the Inner Divine that something is not the right path, or perhaps the right time? In other words: how do I know when to try to push through something I am resisting, or when to let it go?
  2. How does one know the difference between a green light–a clear signal that something is right–and an ego-motivated pursuit? When I feel really motivated and energized, is it because I am after some ego-gratification, or because I am inspired by a higher purpose?

There are three foundational thoughts that I often turn to when I feel disconnected, despondent, confused, bothered, or burdened (or any number and variety of emotions):

  1. This too shall pass.
  2. The greatest gift you can give humanity is the purity of your own presence. (So keep working them out!)
  3. It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” (Aristotle) As I interpret it, this is a succinct way to say, “in our moments of being most human, continue seeking the Divine”. Or, perhaps, it is those very moments of being human that the Divine uses to call us to It. (A big thank you to makeitultrapsychology for posting this quote at the perfect moment.)


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