Victory Over Obstacles: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 37

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind to holy communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. Peace stands victorious. I am that Peace.


There are “self-constructed obstacles [to Peace]” and yet, “I am that Peace”. What sense does that make? I construct obstacles to the Peace I am? Why would I construct obstacles to myself or to what I say I want?

In A Course in Miracles, this conflict is understood through the terms the “ego” and the “Holy Spirit”. “I” can perceive either through my ego or through the Holy Spirit.

When I perceive through my ego, I create obstacles to Peace (“self-constructed”), because the ego can only perceive in ways that maintain a consciousness of separation. A consciousness of separation is inherently disharmonious; the mind is in a constant state of discerning and discriminating, valuing and judging, comparing and contrasting.

The Peace of God is stronger than anything created through ego-perception because the Peace of God is inherently harmonious, in a state of Oneness.

Communion with the Divine overcomes all separation; Peace is restored through this communion.

The Holy Spirit mediates this communion. Understanding both God and the ego, the Holy Spirit sees the “goal” (God), and what each mind requires to be brought to union with God. The Holy Spirit can teach us how to choose divine in the face of obstacles, to make those obstacles crumble.

When the obstacles to Peace crumble–when the Awareness of Oneness, perceived through the Holy Spirit, enters the mind–the “I”, which knows itself as Oneness remains, unobstructed. This is the “Peace I am”, the Peace as I was created, the unobstructed Truth of my Self.



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