Peace and Miracles: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 38

Copyright Tam Black 2017
for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

When I lift my vibration into Peace and Harmony, all are lifted with me. With this awareness comes great responsibility: I am a Peace steward of all humanity, of all Life. Eternal Peace is my natural state. I joyfully and easily share it with all, and fulfill my Divine Purpose in the world.


I still haven’t figured out how “I lift my vibration into Peace and Harmony”. Sometimes I just do it; it just happens, but I don’t know how it happens.

There are two parts to this seeming conundrum for me.

First, there are things that people do naturally. Some people are artists or musicians, with a natural propensity–the talent comes with ease. Some people are naturally comedians, engineers, chefs, mathematicians, writers, meaning that they do it easily and seemingly without effort. Everyone is a natural at something, whether or not it’s publicly lauded.

People can learn to do something so that is comes to them as easily and effortlessly as if it were natural. In fact all my friends who are “natural” musicians, writers, and artists say that the initial ease and inclination may be natural, but ultimately it’s all hard work (albeit work they love, so it doesn’t feel like work). 99% persperation, 1% inspiration.

This is how I feel about “Eternal Peace [being] my natural state”. It is. But I still have to work at it. I still have to remind myself that being Peace is a priority, that bringing Peace into my home, work, and the world matters. I still have to take every situation and circumstance and consciously think about (make a decision about) how to handle it so that the outcome is Peace. I need to be vigilant to maintain something I know is already there.

This brings me to the second point: Have you ever done something, or known someone who does something, so naturally that to them it’s no big deal, but to others who can’t do it, it’s amazing?  Here’s the example that comes to mind: Jesus walks on water, as though it’s no big deal…heals the sick…raises the dead…all in a day’s work. It’s no big deal. Maybe it would’ve been a big deal to Jesus if he hadn’t known that those miracles were available to everyone, and said as much (“All of this and more than this shall you also do”). But to him, the miracles were natural and easy.

It’s like the two of these things go together, as a person progresses on a learning curve toward (let’s just say) miracles (or being Peace). Miracles are natural. It’s within every human being to do the same things Jesus did.

But until they are natural we are learning how to make them natural (the perspiration part). All of the hard work results in a seamless, effortless performance (for those of you who have been on stage). Through life, we can also learn to naturally bring Peace to all situations–which in today’s world…is a miracle itself.

Peace to you.


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