Welcome 2018!

Journey of the Heart begins January 04.

Journey of the Heart begins a two-year cycle of  Journeys. Each of the 14 Journeys is a way to explore your relationship with yourself, through a particular aspect (the topic of each Journey, see the 2018 schedule here). The Journey-sequence is designed with a two-prong approach: to deconstruct the obstacles and barriers that a person has to their relationship with their Inner Divine, while supporting and strengthening that relationship.

Together, the 14 Journeys take a person through one cycle of an upward spiral, reconnecting a person with their heart, soul, Inner Divine Self, to God.

Individually, and collectively, the purpose of the Journeys is to shift the consciousness of all of humanity from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of Oneness.

The cycle begins with Journey of the Heart because within the heart lies the spark of the Divine Flame. We fan that spark, so that all subsequent Journeys are imbued with its light.

The Journeys take as little as 15 minutes each day. My role in this is to be here for you as a steady presence, reminding you of your potential, reminding you of your True Self, reminding you that you are on a journey to Know your soul. Join me. Start your conscious Journey. Tomorrow (January 4) we begin with thinking about why a Journey of the heart is important…. see you then!

You will find everything you need for your own Journey on this site: instructions, inspiration, and Guiding Thoughts to assist you in focusing on you Higher Self.

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