(Non-) Representation (Heart- 1.1.13)

Journey of the Heart – Day 13
©Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Follow the guidance of your heart and experience life anew! Express love, and experience love everywhere. Find new ways to love. Recognize new depths and  nuances of love. Be patient. Be kind. Be wise and respond to life with love, as love.

Play the Guiding Thought here (loops automatically).
Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-


I felt like there was way too much in the Guiding Thought to represent in a picture–not that the purpose of the picture is to represent the Guiding Thought. Sometimes I want to though. Sometimes I am feeling/seeing so much from the Guiding Thought that I want to express it all on paper.

Rarely does that work out! It’s always better for me to feel, and draw, than to feel  and try to draw. Very little works out the way I want it to when I try to do something–this is generally true in life, as well as drawings/coloring.

I kept it simple.

Today we have one clockwise spiral and one counter-clockwise spiral, (representing >a-hem< Following the guidance of your heart [an “inward spiral”] and Expressing love [an “outward spiral”]). The colorful lines represent all of the variations of Love–the depths and nuances.

Expressing Love brings awareness of those nuances and depths. Without the experience of Love, Love would be in a void; there would be no way for us to explore it. Expressing it is key. As we express it (through patience, kindness, wisdom, etc.) we respond to life with that which is the very substance of life itself–Love. Life can only give back to us that which it is, which we now can recognize, because we have explored our own being through the expression of It.

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