A Life Lesson (Heart- 1.1.22)

Journey of the Heart – Day 22
©Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Today, we decide to give our hearts reign. Trusting in love, assured with its gentle comfort, we invite our hearts to lead us with joy and peace to joy and peace. We surrender our minds and wills to our heart’s love.

-Play the Guiding Thought here (loops automatically).
Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls-


Recently, I have had to trust in love. I’ve been all over the place emotionally.

The picture today became a mini lesson in trust.

When I began, I thought it was going to be wonderful! Beautiful! I had visions of stained glass and Art Deco style.

That quickly deteriorated. But I could not be deterred or disturbed since the point of the drawing/coloring is to listen to the heart and go with the flow, so to say.

So I kept coloring, despite not knowing what I was doing or why, or how it would ultimately turn out.

The phrase, “forgive me, Father, for I know not what I do” came to mind, as part of my mini-lesson, as I colored.

You see, so many times in life I don’t know what I am doing, and I just need to trust. If I can’t let go and allow things to “be”, in a mere little picture, how can I do that in my life, when things are “really important”?

So, today was about letting go, releasing expectations, trusting, forgiveness, and coloring even when I am not sure what I am doing.

Try that in life.


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