Rare Intentional Symbolism (Heart- 1.1.24)

By Susan Billmaier for Susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

How can we deepen and expand our relationship with our beautiful, blissful hearts? How can we give our love, our wisdom, our compassion more openly and freely? How can we know our hearts of love, as ourselves?


I found the questions of today’s Guiding Thought quite aggravating. After listening to a few loops, I knew what the picture was going to be.

The square represents the heart, the colors a love vibrations within it. But the colors are boxed in, unable to get out, rigid, stagnant.

That’s how I feel about the questions of today’s Guiding Thought. I know those love vibrations are in there… but I had no access whatsoever to answers about how to deepen it, expand it, share it openly and freely, or know it as myself.


It’s even more frustrating because the colors outside the box represent the constant flow of divine love. It’s always there, waiting for me to open to it.

The same black-line barriers of the square keeping my love-within from flowing out is keeping Divine Love from reaching my consciousness. I’m preventing the flow both ways.

I can see it…but I really could not get answers to how to let it flow…

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