Why A Journey of Purpose (1.2.0)

Greetings and welcome to the first day of Journey of Purpose. If you are new here, welcome; I’m glad you’ve found this little spiritual exercise. If you’ve done this before, welcome back! I am so glad you are here.

The first day is devoted to reflecting on your intention for this Journey: What is your purpose? Why are you here? 

My response is below.

While I hope that you might find something interesting in what I write each day, I hope more that  you are inspired to do these Journeys for yourself. My daily reflections are here to show you that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this, there is only the path, the journey, the expansion, the evolution. You’re on the path anyway, you might as well approach it with awareness, understanding, and a sense of adventure!

We are here to change the consciousness of humanity to greater Oneness, one mind and day at a time.

Why a Journey of Purpose

Isn’t the answer to “Why a Journey of Purpose?” inherent in the question? If I knew what my purpose is, I wouldn’t be doing a Journey, and I wouldn’t need to ask the question. Which means that I am doing a Journey of Purpose to self-evidently discover my purpose.

This is going to be the fourth time I have done this Journey. My why has changed each time. I tell you this to point out the progressive, evolutionary nature of these Journeys. The question may be the same, but through growth, perspective, learning, and personal progress, your relationship to the question will change, bringing about different answers.

I also tell you this because I feel more at a loss today than I did the last time I did this Journey. I just read the why for that Journey, and I sound so confident, so self-assured, so clear about understanding my purpose.

…and today, I feel as uncertain as I did when I was 13, looking up to the stars asking, “why am I here”?

You may remember during the recently-ended Journey of the Heart, that I mentioned I had insight through the heart about my purpose. Even that has changed.

I really feel like I am approaching this Journey as a blank slate. I don’t know what “my purpose” is; I don’t know how to define it; I have no goals in mind for this Journey; and the only answer I have to the question why is… because I want to learn, and I want to be open to my Highest Divine Purpose, unencumbered by expectations, definitions, my own prejudices.

This scares me a little, but I’m not sure why.

I can tell you, though, the exact passage that evaporated my thoughts about what I want(ed) for this Journey. The bolded lines below are the ones that are particularly pertinent; so much of my thoughts about purpose rely on being something. It seems I may learn how to be nothing and still fulfill a purpose:


You can Never Find Your Self When the Thoughts of Others and the Non-Existent Outer World Crowd Into Your Inner Space. One Must Learn to Meditate in Simple Empty Silence.

Here in the Heart and Mind, There is No Inner talk, There Are No Words or Feelings From Others Around You. There is No Desire To Do Anything, To Have Anything (which You Will Only Lose At “Death” Anyway). There is No Desire To Be Anything In the World. Not Even To Teach Other People Meditation. 

There MUST BE Nothing Inside You At All. The Monkeys Must Go To Play Elsewhere. So First Learn To Quiet The Heart and Mind of Desires and Thoughts.

In This Inner Stillness of Nothingness, The LOVE YOU ARE Will Surge Like Little Rivulets Turning Into A Cosmic Ocean Of Blissful Deepest Compassion.

You May Sit Still, Lie in the Bathtub or Flat on Your Back On a Bed. Eyes may Be Open or Closed.  The Physical Body is Not Moving At All. Neither is The Mental or Astral Emotional Body.

Only The Etheric Spirit Comes To You To Fill You With Emptiness. Bless Your Self and God. Feel the Opening to the Grace of God. Praise quietly the Beauty of All Creation. Grace, Mercy, Bountiful Praise, Humility-These Are the Golden Gateways to God!

~Joseph Barry Martin

3 thoughts on “Why A Journey of Purpose (1.2.0)

  1. Is it too early to shout Hallelujah?!

    It’s so true that confidence is overrated and yet, and yet…something strong and irrevocable grows within us, on our deepest and most unfulfilled uncertainties. Thank you for hosting the journeys, Sus! My very best wishes to us both, and all who participate at whatever capacity!

    “only the etheric spirit comes to you to fill you with emptiness..” ♥️


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