Dedication and Commitment. Journey of Purpose (1.2.00)

Welcome to day 2! This is the second “prep” day–getting your mindset ready before spending 40 targeted days with your inner self.

The dedication is important in this process because it takes the focus off of just you. Sometimes when people do inner-work, it becomes self-involved to the exclusion of recognizing the inter-relatedness that all things have with each other; it can sometimes become the “it’s all about me” syndrome.  

The Journeys are structurally set up to counteract that mindset. The dedication is the first way it does this; the pronoun change in each round is the second way.

For the dedication, think about who will benefit, or how you want to benefit others, through becoming more self-aware about your purpose. For example,

  • perhaps it’s family members. If you gain a better understanding of your purpose, perhaps you will gain more direction in your life; perhaps you will be happier (“having a sense of purpose”), and your relationships will improve.
  • perhaps co-workers will benefit. If you have a greater sense of direction, then priorities and commitments will fall into place accordingly
  • perhaps, like me, you take a more universal approach, knowing that as you are lifted, all are lifted with you.

If you want some ideas, or need a sounding board, just talk to me in the comments, or even email me ( The bottom line is to think about how your self-improvement will improve others’ experience of you, or of themselves and their life. Then dedicate the Journey to those people, or that outcome.

The second part, the commitment, is about making a choice and sticking with it. It’s also about committing yourself to leaving behind old, worn-out habits, patterns, and behaviors, and opening yourself up to becoming a clearer, “higher”, more-authentic version of yourself. The minimum commitment that I recommend is to spend 5 minutes each day contemplating the Guiding Thought, and 5 minutes after that writing/reflecting.

Ready? Here we go!


I dedicate this Journey to my Heart. Having just spent 40 days opening my heart, embracing my heart,  listening to my heart, I feel that it has more to offer, more to tell me. My heart wants more of a piece of the action! I dedicate this Journey to my Heart, the silence in my Heart, to the ember-spark-flame within my heart, to the purpose of/in/within my Heart.

Speaking directly to my heart, I affirm: I invite your Love and Wisdom; I welcome your voice; I receive and accept your communication and guidance; I offer your gifts to All, to bless the world.


I commit to my own spiritual evolution, which includes all levels of consciousness, all time-frames and dimensions, all of my bodies (mental-emotional-physical-spiritual), and to my Oneness with All Life. To demonstrate this, I commit to spending a minimum of 5 minutes every day for the next 40 days contemplating the Guiding Thought, then writing/reflecting, and sharing it here.


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