Breadcrumbs (Purpose- 1.2.5)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

My Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within me and share it. The Truth within me–My Inner Divine Mind–flows constantly and purely. As I go deeper in my awareness, the current of this flow broadens, strengthens, and brightens. It fills me and pours forth. This is My Source, the Source of all my good, all my happiness, and all my abundance. I awaken to My Inner Divine Mind and invite it to express itself as every person and event that will increase my awareness of it.


So far here’s what I’ve figured out on this Journey:

  • I have a higher purpose
  • to accomplish that purpose I must serve others
  • I am the only one responsible for my encouragement or discouragement
  • submitting to my Inner Divine Self, and letting it lead me is the most effective way to fulfill my desires, and have the highest possible encounters in all areas of my life (…but I still need to work through some distrust)
  • when I can embrace my purpose, and my Divine Self’s plan as though I have nothing left to lose, it’s the same feeling as being at rock bottom, with nowhere to go but up…each is the embodiment of surrender; one just feels like it’s my choice (embracing), the other one feels like I have no choice (hitting rock bottom).

I feel motivated. I feel like “I have nothing to lose”, and so I can just go for it. I still have some of the cowardly voices in my head, the voice of “How do you think you’re supposed to do that“….”But I don’t know what to dooooo >whining<” …….”This is SO big and so difficult; I don’t know where to start!”…. But it is surprisingly easier today to disregard them, and to recognize that they are the distraction. And I made some progress on my project!

Here’s what I think about today’s Guiding Thought:

It’s all about increase. I increase awareness…That increases the flow of Source (Divine Mind)…Then –I imagine– there’s this moment where my brain says, “hey, I like this. I want more!” and so that’s motivation to invite more…Divine Mind responds to the invitation by knowing what my awareness level actually is, and providing me with experiences of It that I can recognize. When I recognize It, I’ve just become aware, and the cycle of increase starts again! This time Divine Mind has a little more confidence in me, because I was able to recognize it the first time…and I didn’t just invite it in then ignore it…so the increase that happened during the first cycle gains more during the second cycle…. and keeps gaining as I continue to recognize and invite.

So now, I need to apply my understanding of this cycle to what I’ve learned so far–and to keep an eye out for the people and situations that will serve to increase my awareness of Divine Mind, my awareness of all the little breadcrumbs leading me down the path of my highest purpose.


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