Preparation (Purpose 1.2.22)

Happy St. Paddy’s day! My sister had a DNA test done last year, and found out that we have 11% Irish-Scotch-Welsh (we previously had no clue…). For the first time in my life, I am celebrating the day with a heartfelt affinity for my heritage!

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Guiding Thought

Our own Loving Presence is our Self. We turn our attention inward and become aware of our own Loving Presence. With focused awareness, our own Loving Presence fills us, grows brighter, and grows warmer. We claim our Self with these words:

I AM my own Loving Presence. My Loving Presence is the Self of myself. I love my Self!

We want to give our Self everything it desires–and our Self wants the same for us. What do we desire, but total Peace, Freedom, Love, and Harmony? These are the infinite and eternal qualities of the Self! We are now aware of the inner activity of our own Loving Presence and we invite It to express Itself through us and externalize in our lives as circumstances, people, forms, and events that fulfill our desires.


Checking in: How are you doing these days? How is life treating you? How are you treating you? Are you being gentle with yourself? Any level of self awareness and self exploration takes courage and stamina. Go easy. There’s a lot going on in the world and within you. You are doing great.

Perhaps not feeling like myself is really feeling more like my Self.

Yesterday, I wrote about the gradual process of expansion-assimilation (or acclimation)-expansion. This is how that process has looked, in a graphic:

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When the process is experienced as gradual, there is time between expansions for acclimation through baby steps. The little self has time to adjust to it’s new standing or relationship with the newly-expanded Self. When I would go through the turmoil, tension, stress, or freaking out, I knew that it was just part of the process, and eventually, the balancing and evening-out would happen naturally.

Recently, I’ve not been so sure that “gradual” applies much now. Here’s what it seems like it’s felt like for the past few months:

Notice it’s a little bit different than before. Not only are there no baby steps and no acclimation, but there is also no “freak out”; it’s just expand, notice something’s happening, expand. There is also no preparation for the next expansion.

I woke up this morning “feeling like myself”, as the saying goes. It’s not that I have noticed not feeling like myself. But this morning I woke up and it felt like a fog I didn’t know was there had lifted.

I now think it was not a fog, but the rapid expansions I’ve been going through without time to assimilate to or prepare for the new Self.

I believe I am being blessed with a currently-rare moment of time for acclimation, and assimilation. Time to feel, and know myself as this new and expanded Self.

So, you know what that means?

I better prepare. More expansion is coming!





Consciousness (Purpose- 1.2.21)

Welcome to Round Three!

We went through round one of this Journey (days 1-10), focusing on ourselves as the experiencing subjects of the Journey. That only makes sense after all, I’m doing this Journey so that I can experience greater Freedom.

For the second round (days 11-20), the Guiding Thoughts were focused on a “you”, but the “you” was non-specific. You could have been directing the Guiding Thoughts to another person, or you could have imagined someone directing those words to you. Furthermore, the “you” could have been singular or plural, depending on your imagination.

Now we begin round three (days 21-30). This round intentionally joins us, with “we-our-us”. I am not just I; you are not just you. As we, any Purpose that is mine is also yours; I want my Divine Purpose as much for you as for myself. We are in this together, and as we, we are equal.  Let that which flows through us all unite us and lift us!

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Guiding Thought

There is a Perfect Spiritual Idea of Perfect Fulfillment. Our Inner Divine Presence Knows every form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that fulfills our desires. When we are diligent about maintaining our focus of desire on the loving benefit and fulfillment of all sentient beings, Divine Substance–which is the source of Spiritual Idea’s manifestation–flows through us and externalizes in our experience. Divine Presence appears as the perfect fulfillment of every single form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that we could possibly desire.


As human individuals, we each have a consciousness–that is, we each understand and express ourselves with and through an individual intelligence. You might call this individual intelligence the sum total of each person’s memories, experiences, emotions, perceptions, unconscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mind.

This intelligence that comes through us as individuals is, and is connected to, the total Intelligence of Life–Infinite Intelligence (All of Life, All that IS, or, as some call it–God).

Human individuals can learn to identify their individual intelligence with Infinite Intelligence.

As an individual increases their own awareness and understanding of their personal connection to Infinite Intelligence (as, for example, through these Journeys), their consciousness expands.

Individual consciousness can expand infinitely because of its Oneness with Infinite Intelligence. As human beings,  we must also learn to express  Infinite Intelligence through our thoughts, personalities, and actions. Unifying individual intelligence with Infinite Intelligence is the process of increasing Spiritual Intelligence.

It’s all about how you observe yourself going through whatever you are going through – trying not to be ‘judgy’, and then recognizing the communications from spirit coming through the mundane of your living life. Then, allowing what is, as you take the messages to a new cognitive level – chewing on it, sensing it some more, inching and feeling your way in your ascension process. This is awareness. It is being awake. And it seems we do this inch-worm kind of movement until –by the grace of God–a miracle happens and time collapses and “poof” we are on a new and higher level until that becomes the new normal.

The Journeys expand your consciousness with high-quality thoughts, but your mind might enjoy its current conditioning; it might be comfortable where it’s at and so it sometimes causes friction, and even fights back. I still get resistance. Use whatever your highest truth is at the moment to re-focus, get your mind right, and then re-commit and keep going.

With this type of work, there is a collective energy build-up that occurs when people are doing these Journeys at the same time, even in different places or time-zones. Everyone gains exponentially in each other’s participation.


Expression (Purpose- 1.2.20)

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Guiding Thought

The world awaits your expression!  You are here to align with your purpose, participate with life, and share your Self. With each moment spent cultivating your Own Loving Presence to be attuned with Inner Divine Mind’s expression, the more you encounter the Perfect Spiritual Idea in your life activities. Choose to be aware! Choose to understand! Choose to know! Choose Life.


Let’s break this down. Today’s Guiding Thought brings together all the previous days.

The Perfect Spiritual Idea refers to the Guiding Thought on the first day of each round. “There is a Perfect Spiritual Idea of Perfect Fulfillment…Divine Presence appears as the perfect fulfillment of every single form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that I could possibly desire.”

Days two and three familiarize us with our Self, as our own Loving Presence.

  • Day Two: “My own Loving Presence is my Self…I AM My Own Loving Presence.”
  • Day Three: “I am now fully conscious of my own Loving Presence, which seeks expression through me.”

Days four, five and six introduce us to Inner Divine Mind. 

  • Day four: “My Inner Divine Mind is always expressing itself in all ways through my own Loving Presence.”
  • Day five: “The Truth within me–My Inner Divine Mind–flows constantly and purely.”
  • Day six: “Today I relax with confidence in the activity of my Inner Divine Mind.”
    • Day six takes it a bit further by not just telling us about Inner Divine Mind, but also by asking us to relax, and trust It.

Day eight opens us to the activity of Inner Divine Mind, by encouraging us to have no preconceptions about what to expect. This clear a path not only for the activity of Inner Divine Mind, but also within our own perceptions–that we may be able to recognize the activity when it comes.

Day nine tells us how to open the channel for the flow of Divine Mind: “I share my Self with all and hold nothing back; I give All Love. The Fullness of my Self returns to me as every form, person, situation, circumstance, and event that renews my fullness.”

Day ten (or today, day 20), brings all of this together into one Guiding Thought: “With each moment spent cultivating your Own Loving Presence to be attuned with Inner Divine Mind’s expression, the more you encounter the Perfect Spiritual Idea in your life activities.”

This is Life: the Union of you with Inner Divine Mind, expressing that union through you. We accomplish this through choosing it.

This is the expression for which the world awaits!



Paralyzed in Confusion (Purpose- 1.2.19)

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Guiding Thought

You Are. You are Love. You are Kindness. You are filled-full. You have all you seek, for all you seek is within you. Now you can be who you know you are. Share your Self with all and hold nothing back.  Give All Love. The Fullness of your Self will return to you as every form, person, situation, circumstance, and event that renews your fullness. Do not worry or think about what may be…your Self Knows and orders your life for your perfect fulfillment. All you need do is remember your Self.


I’ve been having a hard time accepting “where I’m at” lately. I want to be somewhere else, do something else. At least that’s what the voice in my head says. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I need to get on with my work, need to be doing something other than this. The voice has been getting frantic, frenzied, chaotic, panicked, but with the quality of not being able to move, paralyzed, immobile.

It’s both a mental and a physical rut. I’ve never quite been here before. I’ve felt stuck; I’ve felt bored; I’ve felt  fearfully immobilized; I’ve even been in what’s felt like a hole that I didn’t know if I could get out of. These are all familiar elements of what I feel now.

The difference is that this particular rut has lasted longer (years!) than any other I’ve ever experienced, all of these elements are happening simultaneously, and I am getting to a point where I don’t know how or if i can pull myself out of it. I feel fearful for the unknown future, and that, too, is new–I used to embrace the unknown as an adventure, now the uncertainty feels destabilizing.

Is it up to me to pull myself out of it? Or am I supposed to continue doing my spiritual practices and wait on God? Am I here for a reason? Or is my reason for being here so I can figure out how to get myself out of being here? Am I being impatient? Or am I feeling motivated? Such questions seem to confuse rather than clarify the issue.

I recognize that my responsibility is to protect my own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow, and I even know how to do that. I also recognize that I am able to see/feel the truth of today’s Guiding Thought. These do not, however, minimize the confusion, alleviate the frenzy, or help with mobility.

All I want today is to embrace this: Do not worry or think about what may be…your Self Knows and orders your life for your perfect fulfillment. All you need do is remember your Self.

I want to trust this to be True. I want to let go of worry. I want to Know that my Self is taking care of me. So I remember my Self.

What do I do to remember my Self?

Close my eyes. Focus my attention on my upper chest/heart. Breathe. Breathe into my heart. Hold the chaotic-panicked-immobilized voice gently, speaking soft, comforting words. Be the Self of myself with myself.

That worked.



Purpose=Heaven=Karma Yoga (Purpose- 1.2.18)

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Guiding Thought

Today, erase all you think you know of your Inner Divine Mind. You are changing. You are changed. All is new. With a blank slate of pure luminescence, wait, simply feeling your inner glow.

Transformation! Remember that you want this. Invite this. Welcome this!

Allow yourself to change, to become more attuned to your Self, more aligned with your Self, and more congruent with your Highest Purpose.

As you wait and watch your Highest Purpose appear in your activities as people and circumstances, breathe, smile, and live.


IN silent meditation Jesus sat beside a flowing spring. It was a holy day, and many  people of the servant caste were near the place. And Jesus saw the hard drawn lines of toil on every brow, in every hand. There was no look of joy in any face. Not one of all the group could think of anything but toil.

And Jesus spoke to one and said,
Why are you all so sad? Have you no happiness in life?

The man replied,
We scarcely know the meaning of that word. We toil to live, and hope for nothing else but toil, and bless the day when we can cease our toil and lay us down to rest in Buddha’s city of the dead.

And Jesus’ heart was stirred with pity and with love for these poor toilers, and he said,
Toil should not make a person sad; men should be happiest when they toil. When hope and love are back of toil, then all of life is filled with joy and peace, and this is heaven. Do you not know that such a heaven is for you?

The man replied,
Of heaven we have heard; but then it is so far away, and we must live so many lives before we can reach that place!

And Jesus said,
My brother, man, your thoughts are wrong; your heaven is not far away; and it is not a place of metes and bounds, is not a country to be reached; it is a state of mind. God never made a heaven for man; he never made a hell; we are creators and we make our own.

Now, cease to seek for heaven in the sky; just open up the windows of your hearts, and, like a flood of light, a heaven will come and bring a boundless joy; then toil will be no cruel task.

From the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, Chapter 33

Miracles (Purpose- 1.2.17)

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Guiding Thought

Of yourself you are nothing, yet in union with Your Inner Divine Mind, through Your Own Loving Presence, you are everything and have everything. As you infuse your consciousness with Knowledge of your Inner Divine Mind, your activity expresses this Union and you experience life. Breathe in this life. Smile with Joy and Gratitude, and affirm: “I LIVE.”


Since I was a child, I have believed in the promise of Jesus: “All this, and more than this shall you also do”. This has been an inspiration for me most of my life, and directed much of my seeking.

However you think of the “all this” that Jesus references–be it the healings, multiplying food, changing water to wine, walking on water, the teaching, the resurrection–there is one common denominator, summed up in these two fragments:

I Can of Mine Own Self Do Nothing. (Christian Bible, John 5:19)
The Father That Dwelleth in Me, He Doeth the Works. (Christian Bible, John 14:10)

The power of God acts through Jesus. The power of God can act through each and any of us.

How do we get to that point? How do we fulfill Jesus’ promise?

These are my thoughts today, which are barely conveying the feelings I have.

With the Guiding Thought, I think we have a clue to follow to answer these questions. I am feeling sort of a determined renewed faith in Jesus’ promise. Jesus doesn’t lie. We must be able to fulfill what he thinks we canThere is a way. We can figure this out. All we have to do is infuse our consciousness with Knowledge of Inner Divine Mind, and have our activity expresses this Union

I still believe.

Post Script

I have to say that my thoughts about what the “all this” is have changed over the years. I used to believe it was the works he was talking about–the miracles. On one level, this is correct, I think. However, it’s not the miracles that are the focus, but rather the union with God and the Holy Spirit that is primary. It’s only through this union that Divine miracles can occur, and focusing on performing miracles without this union can invite non-divine “miracles”.






rme-smh (Purpose- 1.2.16)

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Guiding Thought

Today, relax with confidence in the activity of your Inner Divine Mind. Allow it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in your life and affairs. Today, your only responsibility is to protect your own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow. If you feel uncertain, remember your Source; if you feel weak, remember your Inner Flow; if you feel doubt, assure yourself of your Inner Knowing and be free.


One of the main sub-themes of A Course in Miracles is how the ego believes in itself over and above God. The ego sees itself as more powerful than God. The Course calls this a belief in usurpation–the belief that we can usurp the power of God.

This belief is the cause for human fear, projection, and distortion. Understanding this is the solution to overcoming fear, projection, and distortion. The bottom line is that we cannot and will never be able to overpower God. When we let go of the idea that we can (Atonement), forgive ourselves for trying, and submit to (cooperate with), Divine Power, we enter reality and understand that all the ego’s machinations against God are non-existent because in Divine Reality, they could never happen.

 Listening to the ego’s voice means that you believe it is possible to attack God, and that a part of Him has been torn away by you. (A Course in Miracles, Chapter Five – Healing and Wholeness, The Ego’s Use of Guilt)

All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception that you have the ability to usurp the power of God. Of course, you neither can nor have been
able to do this. Here is the real basis for your escape from fear. The escape
is brought about by your acceptance of the Atonement, which enables you
to realize that your errors never really occurred. (A Course in Miracles , Chapter Two – The Separation and the Atonement, The Origins of Separation)

It has taken time for me to develop my listening, so that I can hear when the ego is doing this usurpation thing in my head.

I “heard it” on the very first read of the very first sentence of the Guiding Thought. Today, relax with confidence in the activity of your Inner Divine Mind. The ego’s response was not so much words as it was a feeling of:

My little self did not want to hear anything about having confidence in Inner Divine Mind.

Funny that this is exactly what the Guiding Thought is suggesting to protect against. Today, your only responsibility is to protect your own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow.

One of my best friends practices Buddha Dharma and tells me often about the “I see you” game (say that like you are saying “peekaboo”). It’s a way to playfully tell your ego-thoughts that they can’t hide. When a “negative” thought comes up, pretend it’s a child doing something “naughty” and just tell it, “I see you”. This brings awareness without judgment. Seeing it angrily, or guiltily just feeds it with that energy. Noticing it playfully feeds it with transformational awareness and love.

Now aware of it, what do you do? Well, what did I do? I reminded myself of the Truth, which is that the ego cannot usurp the power of God, Divine Mind. When I believe that the ego can do this, I have put my faith in something that does not exist. When I put my faith in something that does not exist, I am inviting fear and distortion.

Then, I reminded myself what I want:

I want the certainty of Source, the strength of Inner Flow, the assurance of my Inner Knowing. I want to be free.

The combination of “I see you” and reminding yourself of the deepest truth of what you want immediately interrupt the ego’s attempts to usurp your Divine Self. Next time it happens you’ll be even more ready to interrupt and diffuse the ego.