Invitation (Purpose- 1.2.15)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

Your Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within you and share it. The Truth within you—your Inner Divine Mind—flows constantly and purely through you. As you go deeper in your awareness, the current of this flow broadens, strengthens, and brightens. It fills you and pours forth. This is Your Source, the Source of all your good, all your happiness, and all your abundance. Awaken now to your Inner Divine Mind and invite it to express itself as every person and event that will increase your awareness of it.


To go deeper into my awareness, I started thinking about Inner Divine Mind, and what that means to me.

First, to think about Inner Divine Mind, I must think more generally about Divine Mind. For that, I turned to God.

What is God? The omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence of infinity and eternity. There is nowhere God is not, there is nothing God is not, there is no time or space where God isn’t.

God is here as God is everywhere. ~Saint Herman of Alaska

Look at all of nature. Look at your human body. Look at the stars. See the intelligence operating in and through everything.

That intelligence operates in and through everything, so it operates in and through me. “My” Inner Divine Intelligence is the same Divine Intelligence that operates in, through, and around everything.

This was as far as I got when I felt the next part of the Guiding Thought happening. I felt It in, through, and around “me” broaden, strengthen, and brighten. 

What does it feel like? Physically, it feels like a low buzz, HA… a current (the Guiding Thought even gets that right, lol); my feet are warm and vibrating up through my calves; my lower back has a “buzz” to it. Mentally, it feels like clarity. My mind is open and receptive, I can feel a flow of ease to my thoughts. Something just opens when thoughts expand into the omnipresent infinite and eternal–how can they not?

In that state, I said, “I invite You to express yourself as every person and event that will increase my awareness of You”, inviting God to show me God.

All I need to do is look.

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