Miracles (Purpose- 1.2.17)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

Of yourself you are nothing, yet in union with Your Inner Divine Mind, through Your Own Loving Presence, you are everything and have everything. As you infuse your consciousness with Knowledge of your Inner Divine Mind, your activity expresses this Union and you experience life. Breathe in this life. Smile with Joy and Gratitude, and affirm: “I LIVE.”


Since I was a child, I have believed in the promise of Jesus: “All this, and more than this shall you also do”. This has been an inspiration for me most of my life, and directed much of my seeking.

However you think of the “all this” that Jesus references–be it the healings, multiplying food, changing water to wine, walking on water, the teaching, the resurrection–there is one common denominator, summed up in these two fragments:

I Can of Mine Own Self Do Nothing. (Christian Bible, John 5:19)
The Father That Dwelleth in Me, He Doeth the Works. (Christian Bible, John 14:10)

The power of God acts through Jesus. The power of God can act through each and any of us.

How do we get to that point? How do we fulfill Jesus’ promise?

These are my thoughts today, which are barely conveying the feelings I have.

With the Guiding Thought, I think we have a clue to follow to answer these questions. I am feeling sort of a determined renewed faith in Jesus’ promise. Jesus doesn’t lie. We must be able to fulfill what he thinks we canThere is a way. We can figure this out. All we have to do is infuse our consciousness with Knowledge of Inner Divine Mind, and have our activity expresses this Union

I still believe.

Post Script

I have to say that my thoughts about what the “all this” is have changed over the years. I used to believe it was the works he was talking about–the miracles. On one level, this is correct, I think. However, it’s not the miracles that are the focus, but rather the union with God and the Holy Spirit that is primary. It’s only through this union that Divine miracles can occur, and focusing on performing miracles without this union can invite non-divine “miracles”.






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