Now (Purpose 1.2.25)

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Guiding Thought

Our Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within and share it. The Truth within – our Inner Divine Mind – flows constantly and purely. As we go deeper in our awareness, the current of this broadens, strengthens, and brightens. It fills us and pours forth. This is our Source; the Source of all good, all happiness, and all abundance. We awaken to our Inner Divine Mind and invite It to express Itself as every person and event that will increase our awareness of It.


Inner Divine Mind wants to experience Itself.

It can only do that through us.

It can only do that through us to the extent that we align our consciousness with It, thus becoming aware of It as us.

This sentence really simplified things for me: Our Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within and share it.

Lately, as I have been thinking about purpose, I have recognized a thought/feeling that my purpose is somewhere else. In other words, it’s anywhere but here. Somehow, in this thought/feeling, my purpose is never what I am doing right now.

And now I am thinking about how relevant yesterday’s post was to this. It’s only now that I can experience the Holy Instant, and if I am never thinking about now as a Holy Instant, I never experience it. Awakening is only now. My purpose now is to awaken.

I believe that what the Guiding Thought is telling us, is that once we give one instant to our purpose, awakening to the Truth within (or as A Course in Miracles would say, to the Holy Instant), then we actually, fully experience our alignment with Divine Mind.

In that instant, since we are fully experiencing Divine Mind, and we are experiencing ourselves, then whatever this self, this body is perceiving/experiencing in the world is being perceived/experienced through the Divine Mind, which is beyond senses and perception. This is how perception is transcended. This is how Oneness is known, beyond perception. This is how separation and difference is eliminated.

But, also, as I noted yesterday, the reason all this is a journey: it takes far longer for us to decide to give a mere instant to the Peace of Heaven than for the Peace of Heaven to enter our consciousness.

It’s every now that we must give to awakening, give to our Purpose, give to Divine Mind and the Peace of Heaven.

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