Map Maker, Map Maker, make me a map (Purpose 1.2.27)

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Guiding Thought

Of ourselves we are nothing, yet in union with Inner Divine Mind, through our Own Loving Presence, we are everything and have everything. As we infuse our consciousness with Knowledge of our Inner Divine Mind, our activity expresses this Union and we experience life. We breathe in this life. We smile with Joy and Gratitude, and affirm: “We LIVE.”



I could try to outline the process; I could try to describe the mind’s journey from ignorance and suffering to awareness, understanding, and love – but this has already been done before me. There are many, many maps already – the problem is not that there aren’t enough maps, the problem is that the territory is real, alive, and changing. Old maps quickly become useless. The ancient “map-makers” of the territory of the mind are not at fault for our foolish clinging to dead doctrine. The fault is ours. 

Nguyen Giac (article here)

The fault is ours. Because we try to follow others’ maps. Others’ old, outdated maps, that they made for themselves, not for us.

Whose map did Gandhi follow? Whose map did Martin Luther King Jr. follow? Whose map did Shakyamuni Buddha follow? Whose map did Jesus follow? Whose map did Mohammad follow? Whose map did Albert Schweitzer follow? Whose map did Nelson Mandela follow?

They made their own maps.

Yes, they were guided by people, philosophies, and religions that preceded them. But how they understood and enacted what they learned was unique to them.

Yes, they left us breadcrumbs of wisdom and inspiration, but how we understand and utilize what we learn is unique to us, and it’s our responsibility to find this for ourselves, to leave breadcrumbs for others.

You are a map maker. Your journey is the map you make for others.

The world needs your map. People need your unique wisdom and inspiration. Your  map will be outdated tomorrow, but your inspiration will endure, giving others strength to make their own maps.


Side note: I can hear some objections with this assertion as it applies to Jesus, who said, “I am the way, the truth, the life” I am not saying “don’t follow Jesus”, I am saying if you are going to follow Jesus’ wisdom and inspiration, learn what it means for you every moment, every day, how does Jesus’ wisdom apply to you in your life? How can you use what Jesus teaches to make your own path, and leave your own breadcrumbs?




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