Expression Accomplished! (Purpose 1.2.30)

Copyright Tam Black 2016
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Guiding Thought

The world awaits our expression!  We are here to align with our purpose, participate with life, and share our Self. With each moment we spend cultivating our Own Loving Presence to be attuned with Inner Divine Mind’s expression, the more we encounter the Perfect Spiritual Idea in our life activities. We choose to be aware.  We choose to understand. We choose to Know. We choose Life!

Quick Check-in Sooooooooooo … how are you doing? I know, I know, most people ask  that casually not expecting any kind of an authentic answer; it’s just part of the oh-so-common superficiality of the world these days. And, you may think I am asking in that same superficial way, especially since you can only give me an answer mentally, by email, or in the comments. I’m asking because I  genuinely care. You don’t have to be a friend, a follower, or even on this Journey, I care…so. how are you? Just pause a moment, and think what would I tell someone who really cared, and really cared about me; from my  heart of hearts, what would I say?  Then tell me silently in your head (or email me, or leave a comment) and through your heart. We are connected. You’re not alone. I care. There are people who care, and who are working with great commitment for us all to get through this …whatever your this is.


My Purpose. My heartfelt expression. Participating fully with Life. These are scary things.

More than anything I want to be the Love I Am, to express, and share that with the world, to participate fully with Life.

And yet…I don’t think I am doing that. I feel like I am not doing that.

I am aware of the Buddhist response: “What you seek is merely a definition. Release the definition and arrive, for you are already there. Only the mind has you elsewhere”.

My response: First I have to find the operative definitions…then I need to release them. So, in a way, I am already performing what the Buddhist would suggest, simply by being on this Journey (because the Journeys are designed to release lower thoughts, and embrace higher, truth thoughts).

Or how about the smart ass response: “The good news is, you get what you want. The bad news is, you get what you want.”

My response: OK. So what you’re saying is I have what I want, even if I say I want something different. Thus, something is out of sync, out of alignment–either I am saying that I want something that I don’t really want, or I really want it, but I am not thinking about it in a way that makes me perceive it as something that I want.

It’s crazy really. It’s that whole being-becoming thing, I think. Add to that my own impatience and ignorance, and there you have it: feeling like I’m not being what I think I should be being, but not (for some damn reason) being able to accomplish what I think I should be being.

Isn’t the point of being to just be? And if it is the point, then how can I not be accomplishing it?

Therefore, I must be accomplishing it. Simply being.

do choose life. I keep choosing life. Even when I seem to struggle with it, struggle with myself. I absolutely love love love Life. It’s amazing and wondrous… and at least a little educational!

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