Confidence. (Purpose 1.2.34)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

My Inner Divine Mind is always expressing itself in all ways through my own Loving Presence. This is Its True Nature, thus this is my True Nature. I turn to my Inner Divine Mind as the Source of my happiness, my purpose and my fulfillment. I allow It to flow through my Own Loving Presence and appear as all my activity, as every visible form and experience I desire.


During Journey of the Heart–which is designed to by-pass the thinking brain, and get to deeper more-subconscious communication with Self–I came up with some pretty wild designs and drawings that I could not replicate today if I tried. I was definitely in tune with that deeper part of myself, and it was flowing through me and into the pictures. But could I interpret them either then or now? Nope. Do I know what they mean, what they were expressing, what they were “saying”, or teaching? Nope.

But I could feel it. I could feel something moving within me, something shifting, changing. I’m different, but I would not be able to put it into words, or explain it, or tell you what has changed, or what about me is different.

I don’t know if those effects of that Journey has maintained momentum through this Journey, or if this Journey is having the same effect, but the feeling is the same.

I’m changing. I’m different. I just feel it. I know it. Unlike Journey of the heart, I do have some words to explain it today.

I feel more confident. I feel like I am able to trust my Self and myself more than I did 6 months ago, a year ago. This confidence feels like inner strength. I feel like I can reach into my inner strength and be supplied; I feel more accepting; I genuinely  like-love practically everybody, and I want to share this strength/confidence with them through the like-love (so I talk to them about “normal” things, but it feels like I am loving them as we talk).

Is this what the Guiding Thought is getting at?

(I think it might be)


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