Natural Alignment (Purpose 1.2.40)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

The world awaits my expression!  I am here to align with my purpose, participate with life, and share my Self. With each moment I spend cultivating my own Loving Presence to be attuned with my Inner Divine Mind’s expression, the more I encounter the Perfect Spiritual Idea in my life activities. I choose to be aware! I choose to understand! I choose to know! I choose Life.


We made it! Day 40! How do you feel? Accomplished? I sure do. Whew. 40 days.

When I began I had been thinking about my approach to this Journey for a bit of time, then at the last minute all of that thinking went out the window. I shifted into a space of “I don’t know what’s going on” and the approach became one of being a clean slate, open to possibility.

I am more excited today about my purpose than I was at the beginning.

I can’t say I know what my ultimate purpose is, but I feel very grounded in and at peace with the process.

I am comfortable with my expressionI am comfortable with who I am, with how I interact with the world. It’s not about appearance, it’s deeper than that. It’s like I am comfortable with my core, and whatever comes along, that core participates with it, and I am solid in whatever is happening. That’s huge.

This leads naturally into sharing my Self, and being an active participant with the life around me. It’s as though choosing expression of Self is the springboard to choosing life which is the springboard to choosing expression again–life and expression feed each other, giving momentum to each other.

Perhaps this is the purpose: life expression and expression of life.

Life just gets better…I choose life, and am attuned with my Self– that is the whole point of cultivating my own Loving Presence, to express It naturally as myself. Living as my own Loving Presence. Being who I am, naturally.

Life falls into place. Naturally.

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