Afterword (Purpose 1.2.41)

In a matter of days prior to beginning Journey of Purpose, I went from being confident and self-assured about my purpose, to having no clue; so I intentionally began Journey of Purpose, with a clean slate. A slate that was ripe for discovery.

Throughout the Journey, I could feel the deep, inner-workings of my sub-conscious that I had become more familiar with during Journey of the Heart. The information (if you want to call it that) came to me as vague proddings, intuition, a “sense”, a feeling.

I never felt lost or doubtful, but neither would I have been able to explain where my heart was directing me, in regards to my purpose.

More and more, I believe that the big question, “why am I here, what is my purpose” is answered in levels, or tiers. I am not ready to know the big answer. But I am ready to know this level of it.

For me, what this means is that the assessment of Journey of Purpose is the lead-in to Journey of Worth. My current purpose is a primary building block to Journey of Worth, just as connecting with my heart was a primary building block to Journey of Purpose.

With that in mind, now after my little rest between Journeys, I can tell you where my current purpose lies.

Throughout Journey of Purpose, I was lead repeatedly to the theme of the Holy Spirit (see  36 – 33312417).

My current purpose, thus, is:

to gain a new understanding of the role the Holy Spirit plays in my life, and wanting/seeking to enrich that relationship through frequent invoking  of and prayer to the Holy Spirit.

In some ways, I am using the term Holy Spirit as it is used in Catholicism, or Orthodox Christianity: It is part of the triune God–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But for me, even being raised Catholic, I can’t say that I ever really understood the Holy Spirit in that capacity, or what its (his? her?) role is.

That is one reason to focus on this as my current purpose.

I have recently developed a broader/deeper understanding (but still barely scratching the surface) of the role of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some highlights:

  • The Holy Spirit understands both God, and me (Infinite-eternal and immediate-particular).
  • The Holy Spirit is the bridge to the Infinite-eternal as the immediate-particular (me). Embodying the Holy Spirit is the answer to, “how do I be my Divine Self”.
  • The Holy Spirit is in constant communication with me, and wants to bring me home to my Divine Self.
  • The Holy Spirit is the key to uniting my will with God’s will

Here is the Catholic prayer to the Holy Spirit, that I have adapted, and have been using daily:

Oh Heavenly Comforter, Spirit of Truth who art everywhere present and fillest all things, Treasury of Good Things, and Giver of Life,

Come and dwell in me,

Cleanse me of impurity,

Direct all my thoughts, words, feelings and actions, now and unto my eternal ascension into the light

Teach me salvation, that I might be a savior to the world.

I mentioned above that all of this is a building block for Journey of Worth. Tomorrow, we begin! and I will share with you the link between this, my current purpose, and the next Journey, Worth.

I look forward to being with you tomorrow, and for the next 43 days!

Blessings to you.

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