Guided with Astrology–Worth (1.3.22)

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Guiding Thought

We love ourselves for the Truth within us. The Truth within us Knows us for who we are—Pure Love, Only Love, beyond all valuing of the world. In Love all are equal, for we are One. This is how Truth Knows us—Pure, One, and Free. This is our Truth; this is my Truth; this is the Self we love.


That Truth is infinite and eternal.

And within us.

That Truth is connected with All.

So we are connected with All.

That Truth is Love.

We are Love.

Let’s accept these as premises, ok? Whether you currently agree with them or not, for the sake of discussion, let’s see where this leads.

Truth is everywhere. Everywhere Truth is, we are. We are everywhere.

Truth is Love. Everywhere Truth is, Love is. Love is everywhere.

In the spirit of this Journey’s ongoing theme of change and transformation, how do the ideas of change and transformation fit? If Truth and Love are everywhere, and if we are everywhere, why do we experience change? Why do we (in general) experience a lot of strife with change? Why don’t we just experience Truth and Love?

I have an idea about this.

I was thinking about astrology–May has some indicators for some pretty big changes; here’s a snippet from astrobutterfly:

The month of May might not have started very eventfully… but things will soon change, and will change BIG time…the first third of May is the silence before the storm. Mid-May is the storm! And the last week of May (when we have a beautiful Jupiter – Neptune trine) is the blessing after the storm.

The event of the month is by far, the ingress of Uranus into Taurus…Uranus takes 84 years to go around the zodiac, so when it changes signs, it brings big changes.

Last time Uranus changed signs and moved into Aries was 11 March 2011… Fukushima happened on the same day. I don’t want to scare you, Uranus transits are not always bad, but I just want to make you aware of the magnitude of this transit.

You have probably heard it before, and I will remind you again: with Uranus, you can only expect the unexpected. Uranus is the most unpredictable planet. What you can be sure though, is that what you will get will bring positive changes in your life, in the long run. Uranus might shake you at first, but Uranus ALWAYS brings freedom and liberation so you can live more authentically and purposefully.

Do you think the universe experiences change? Do you think the universe is deliberately pelting us with energies that we call “change”?

Probably not. The universe is just being the universe. The energy that astrology notices is simply the universe being the universe.

The universe does not experience change, it experiences itself, while we watch it and call it change (and strife, and turmoil).

But we are One with the universe.

We have the option to join the universe in its experience of itself. We have the option to align with the energy that exists–the energy that we can map in astrological charts–and experience that Oneness.

We are One with the universe.

Instead of trying to figure it out–or fight it, we can just “go with the flow”. I think this idea of aligning with the energy that is is what “the Way” refered to in Zen. Just be One with everything–be the Truth that is that you are.

I’ve been centering and focusing my attention on aligning with the energy that is, several times since I had this idea.

In this space, I can truly say, “all is as it should be”, “all is well”, “I need do nothing, I need just be”. It’s expansive.

Imagine all of our energy aligning with the Truth that is. All of our struggles disappear. The energy just flows in, through, and around us, as us. We are One with All.

This idea is transformative. 🙂



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