Under the Surface– Worth (1.3.31)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Welcome to Round 4!

Congratulations! There are only 10 days left! We’ve done so much these past 30 days; do you realize how far you’ve come? Can you feel it!? After all, it’s not everyone who can think in terms of Oneness and expansion for 30 days in a row (and by the time we’re finished…40!).

In the first round, you affirmed your Self using “me”, “my”, “mine”. In the second round, you affirmed someone else using “you” and “your”. In the third round we all came together in unity (as we). Now in round 4, we come full circle and return to the Self as the subject, and repeat the Guiding Thought with “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Now that you have reached out to others to support their attainment in the second round, and united with others in the third round, the words “I”, “me” and “mine” will take on a new tint. With the infusion of the all perspectives—“I”, “you”, and “we”—you will now no longer see yourself as separate or apart from others. Now, in claiming your Self for yourself, your consciousness is attuned to claiming it for others as well. You will “see” others attaining their fulfillment with you. (See this page for more information on the rounds.)

Guiding Thought

I have forgotten my Self. I have forgotten who I am. I have forgotten that I was established in Love and by Love, which is infinite and eternal; therefore, my worth is infinite and eternal.

I seek to remember my Self. I choose to remember my Self.

I choose to remember who I am and my infinite worth in Love.

I choose to be aware, to understand, and to Know myself (my Self) as the Love I am.

I choose to share who I am with the world, giving my infinite worth, measured in infinite Love.


Thirty days ago, I balked at this Guiding Thought. I didn’t want “forgetting” to be part of my reality; I didn’t want to “affirm” the forgetting. Today I embrace it. In fact, I want to go after all that I have forgotten, and bring it to the surface.

There are (IMHO) two primary aspects to the Big Journey of Enlightenment. They are 1) releasing the ego, (also known as the lower-self, the selfish-self, etc.) 2) embracing (striving for, seeking) God (or Love, or light, or the Higher, Divine Self). These two things underpin every Journey, every day. The seeking/striving/embracing of Love and Light through the ideas in the Guiding Thoughts expose the areas of the mind that resist the Love and the Light–and it is these areas the require transformation/release.

I now understand forgetting and remembering in this same way. Seeking to remember shows me how much I have forgotten, and the places of forgetting are where I need to remember.

On day 25 I realized that despite all of my work, all of my remembering, I still forget things that I know I should remember (for example seeking the Kingdom of God–an idea that I have remembered and worked with for over 20 years, and yet… I still forget it sometimes, and am still learning it more deeply every time I remember it). With all my forgetting, I asked…what is there within me that I have not yet even begun to remember?

So now, as with digging and dredging up all of the aspects of my lower, selfish self to release them, I now am happily, readily digging and dredging all of the aspects of my Self that I have forgotten. Bring it.

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