Journey of Worth (1.3.34)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
Designed for

Guiding Thought

My worth is inestimable, beyond compare!

I always know I have everything to give—thus, I may always give freely! I know my worth, I give it; I give freely, and I Know in the giving!

As I give, I learn, allowing Joy and Peace to lead and to guide me. I follow willingly for I know: Where there is Joy and Peace, there is Love; where there is Love, I Am; where I Am, I am giving my inestimable worth.


Bring your highest Self–your I AM presence, your Divine Self–to every interaction, to the best of your ability.

Because this is your Self of inestimable worth, your only self of inestimable worth.

This is the Self that is Love and Knows you as Love. This is the self that is infinite And Knows you as infinite.

This is why you can give Love infinitely when you know yourself as the Truth of who you are. That self is both Love and. Infinite, and that self is you.

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