What to Do? -Healing (1.4.4)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

To heal and be healed is to be aware, to understand, and to Know Wholeness.  Thus, I seek Wholeness, Unity, Oneness within my own mind and heart, and in all my actions and affairs. I focus on uniting the fragments within myself, so that I see only Oneness, which is the Truth of my Self. As I Know myself as the Oneness that I am, this Truth reflects in the world around me, confirming what I Know through my experience and life activity.


This is a difficult Guiding Thought; there’s a lot to it.

First, after several days of letting go of preconceptions of healing, today we are given a direction to take our minds: to seek Wholeness, Unity, and Oneness, so that we may be aware, understand, and Know Wholeness.

Wholeness is the healed state. Seeking Wholeness, thus, is healing.

This is not saying anything about what the experience of seeking wholeness is. Other than pointing us in a direction (to seek wholeness), the only other clue we get today is to “focus on uniting fragments”.

What do we do to seek Wholeness? What do we do to unite fragments? Are there mental things that we can do? Are there physical things?

These are questions that will bring about the very first step: awareness. To heal and be healed is to be aware

There are things that I do, personally, that I believe assist me in seeking Wholeness and uniting fragments. Foremost, I believe that Love is always a good place to start–it is the great Unifier. There are meditations, music, chants that cultivate a feeling of Love, Peace, or Harmony. When there is a genuine, heartfelt feeling of Love for another, all ideas of separation go away; it’s like through Love, a person’s True Self can be seen, and that True Self is the same as the one looking at it.

Since the Journey began with a clean slate, and a renouncing of preconceptions associated with healing, I am going to employ this same tactic today. Thus, today, I release all ideas, memories, thoughts, or beliefs about what I think I should do to seek Wholeness. I release all ideas, thoughts, and beliefs about what I should think or do to unite fragments. I choose to be aware of my process. I choose to speak to Divine Love and Light, and declare my intention to learn of Its ideas for ways I should seek Wholeness and unite fragments.

Let the Journey continue!

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