Satchitananda, Divine Mind -Healing (1.4.6)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

As I unite in consciousness with my own Loving Presence, I unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. I exist in Divine Mind, as It does in me, united forever—One. It leads me to Itself through my consciousness of my Self: my consciousness of my Self, as Infinite Being, is Oneness with Divine Mind, is my Peace, is my Wholeness, is my Unity with All.


I must unite in consciousness with my own Loving Presence. This is my responsibility. My Loving Presence resides in Divine Mind, which exists eternally, everywhere–waiting for me to unite with It in consciousness. 

In Sanskrit, there is a word for consciousness. That word is chit. Most often, it is used in conjunction with the word sat, which means Truth, or absolute existence, and with the word ananda, which means absolute bliss. Together, these three words form the word satchitananda, which is a description of God: Absolute Truth and existence, Pure consciousness, and total bliss–joy beyond words.

Why does this matter?

One aspect of God, from the Vedic (Hindu) tradition is the quality of pure consciousness, and since this Guiding Thought has a lot to do with consciousness, it seems important today.

Why is it important today?

Because we, as individual “drops” in the Ocean of the Divine are naturally, inherently One with pure consciousness. “I exist in Divine Mind, as It does in me, united forever—One.” We are not separate from Divine Mind, not separate from that Ocean of Pure Consciousness.

We only think we are separate from It. Or, in other words, our consciousness is too limited to think of ourselves as Infinite and Eternal.

This is what it means to unite in consciousness with Divine Mind–it means to begin to expand our awareness of who we are to coincide with how that Infinite and Eternal mind already Knows us–as Infinite and Eternal.

This is why it’s our responsibility, and why Divine Mind is waiting patiently. It already Knows us as who and what we really are–Infinite drops in an Infinite Ocean (yes, take a moment to wrap your head around that one). We are the ones who cannot see ourselves as our True Reality; we are the ones who are limited by our minds, perceptions, senses, thoughts, and beliefs.

We are One with Divine Mind. We are the satchitananda of Satchitanda.


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