The Jenga of -Healing (1.4.18)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
Designed for
Guiding Thought

Today, decide to be aware of your Whole and Holy Self working within you, expressing through you. As you move through the affairs of your life, with an open mind and empty hands, look first to your Whole and Holy Self for guidance. Your only decision today is to be aware of your Whole and Holy Self—all other decisions arise out of this, in conjunction with your Self.


I now decide to be aware of my Whole and Holy Self working within me and expressing through me.

I take directives fairly seriously. Besides, I want to decide in this way; it is in my best interest. There is no reason why I should not take the suggestion and do what I’m told.

Earlier days of the Guiding Thought cleared away preconceptions and expectations. Today those little exercises culminate in the next step–leaving the preconceptions behind, in order to approach the Holy Self for Guidance.

It does not do any good to ask the Holy Self for an answer I’m not ready to hear, or would not recognize because I have too much of my own clutter in the way.

The earlier days clearing away preconceptions give us the freedom to focus on making the decision to pay full attention to the Holy Self. Without expectations, or trying to figure out “what healing is”, we can put all of our energy into the Holy Self.

The Holy Self knows a whole lot better than I do what I need for healing. Everything is interconnected. Healing is sometimes like a game of Jenga. All the pieces (mental-emotional-physical-spiritual) are stacked on top of each other, resting on each other, supporting each other. If left up to me, I will topple the tower. Only the Holy Self knows how to pull the pieces apart without toppling it. The Holy Self can “unravel me” without toppling me, while building a stronger tower above.


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