Plucking Weeds -Healing (1.4.21)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Welcome to Round 3! We are half way through–good for you! How is your Journey going? How do you feel? Don’t make any judgments! Everything changes. Everything works as it should. Be aware! Live life. Go through life with awareness! All is as it should be.

The pronouns change again this round; please see this page for more details.


Guiding Thought

We clear our minds of all past notions of what we think healing is. We erase all memories and stories from our thoughts, leaving only a clean slate. We turn our attention to our Inner Divine Mind and ask, “What is healing”? We wait and listen in silence; we take our attention deeper into the vastness of Divine Mind and ask again, “What is healing?”, “What is wholeness?”, and “What is holy?” We wait and listen. Feeling stillness, we simply pause in the quiet and await the answer.


Each round of this particular Journey begins with a clearing, in which we are asked to erase preconceptions, notions, and expectations about healing. In fact, we spend the first 3 days doing this to some degree–that’s one-third of the Journey spent clearing up impressions. Not only do we thus clear any distant past notions, we also clear anything that has accumulated from the previous 10 days.

Letting go of preconceptions must be really important to a healing journey.

Each round, “healing” is fresh and new–or at least our minds are, regarding it.  That’s the goal at least.

As for me, today, I feel like I have no clue whatsoever about what healing is, so to ask me to clear my mind feels unnecessary. I don’t know, anyway.

This seems to be a more-general state for me right now. I don’t know much about anything. It’s a bit unsettling; I feel unsettled.

Imagine being thrown into the air.

The upward momentum represents all the past notions and conceptions about what healing is. The momentum feels “normal”; this is just “how life works”…

Until you reach the apex. It’s there at the very top of the ascent where there is no momentum in either direction. It’s a split second of weightlessness. This is the clearing, the asking in the stillness.

It’s also a moment of uncertainty in waiting. It’s a moment of anticipation (unless you can practice complete equanimity, which I cannot). It’s a split second of wondering how the fall is going to feel, and where it “lands me”.

What comes next?

How did I come to a point of feeling fear in anticipation? I thought I was “supposed to” let go, and be calm, and just wait for answers. But here I am with some anxiety about getting the answers–that is, the anxiety is about the fall, the process, as well as where (or “who”) I will be when I get the answers.

Maybe this is the point of the emphasis on letting go. I have to let go enough to get to the point of getting at what I really need to let go of.

Have you ever weeded a flower bed? No matter how may weeds you pluck, if you go back for another sweep, you’ll see more that need to come up. With each sweep, there’s a new level of detail (smaller and smaller weeds).

So…this anxiety is a weed that I am seeing anew on the third sweep that I did not see for the first two sweeps (rounds)? >this is said in a form of a question, because of the moment of uncertainty I mentioned above<

Let’s just go with that.

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