Afterword -Healing (1.4.41)

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I’ve recently completed a 40-day Journey of Healing.

My goal, going into that almost six-week exercise was to be intentional about nurturing and caring for myself, being gentle with myself, stopping my self criticism (not being so hard on myself), and generally being nice to myself.

I succeeded. Mostly.

There is a difference between making a decision, or making a commitment, and having something in mind that “would be nice to do”. I was 100% successful in following through with the things I had decided in advance and committed to: I completed 40 days of contemplation/writing. I completed 40 days of Fire Ceremonies. I completed a liquid-only fast one day per week during the 40 days. I was generally easy on myself–gentle, caring, and nurturing (though there is still a long way to go in this area).

I was unsuccessful in completing the things that I wanted to do, but did not commit to doing: exercising for at least 30 minutes a day (I only did this for 16 days); reducing caffeine intake; drinking green smoothies.

However, the greater success after 40 days, is the inspiration I feel to continue my healing commitment.

I have received a healing boost–a big push that has given me momentum–and I want to continue it. I want to continue listening to myself for what is nurturing and caring for me; I want to continue fasting one day per week, and continue to improve my overall diet and nutritional balance; I want to continue doing Fire Ceremonies; I want to continue having a goal of exercising daily.

I feel good. I want to keep feeling good. I want to continue to feel better. I want to be nice to myself. I want to be gentle with myself.

Over and above the success of keeping my commitments, the residual motivation to keep it up is even more significant.

Journey of Abundance begins tomorrow! I’m ready. Are you?



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