Commitment and Dedication -Abundance (1.5.00)

Today is the day to declare your commitment to the Journey.

A commitment is a statement of purpose or a clear communication about an intention. Making a commitment at the beginning of a Journey helps me to clarify what I want to accomplish. It puts a goal into my mind and declares my decision to complete it. Commitment sets up the consistency of action.

Commitment Statement

I declare, with great enthusiasm and excitement, that on this Journey of Abundance, I am committed to increasing my awareness and understanding of Abundance! It is my intention to maintain a constant awareness of the Source of All my abundance in my mind and heart. I commit to shifting my focus to the Love and Truth that underlies all situations and interactions, seeing deeper than superficial movements and behaviors, and accepting the reality of Love that pervades all, and recognizing Love as the Source of All.

I am committed to contemplating the Guiding Thoughts for at least 5 minutes each day, and to writing my response.

I am also committed to continuing the work I began during Journey of Healing, and I commit to continue being gentle, caring, and nurturing to myself.

Further, I commit to being aware of aligning my ideas of abundance with practical actions of work, relationships, emotional and mental health, and all aspects of my life.


I dedicate this Journey to the Oneness and Unity of All. May each step I take serve to uplift all of humanity; may my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions be a vehicle through which God may enter the world to love and serve all life.

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